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It's building better communities and bringing good things to life for your constituents.

We work with public sector organizations at all levels to address accountability, performance, and access.

Whether it's linking performance to results, addressing infrastructure concerns, or dealing with fiscal challenges, we can help you — so you can focus on making a difference in your constituents' lives. 

Who we serve

State & local government
Federal government

Ways we can help

Audit and accounting services for public sector
High-quality financial services that create trust and confidence — plus access to the latest technology.
Audit and accounting services for public sector
Consulting services for public sector
Deep expertise with public sector planning and strategy, debt and risk management, operations and technology, and more.
Consulting services for public sector
Tax services for public sector
Comprehensive tax compliance, planning, and advisory services tailored to the needs of the public sector.
Tax services for public sector

Pandemic Management Tools for Public Sector

Managing the pandemic is complicated and stressful enough. Crowe has custom-built technology for the job you need it to do, such as tools to streamline vaccine management, improve your financial planning, and manage your CARES Act reporting.

Explore Pandemic Management Tools


Lease Accounting Optimizer for GASB 87 Compliance

A fast, affordable, easy-to-implement solution that gets you ongoing, automated compliance with new GASB 87 standards – and that’s just the beginning. Easily identify and track leases, streamline lease processes, consolidate leases in a single place, get access to real-time lease data, and more.

Explore Lease Accounting Optimizer

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We have more than 50 years of experience.

Financial, operational, or technology consulting services needed? Audit, accounting, or compliance services needed? Tax services needed? Crowe is your answer!

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We’re ready to help you make a lasting difference in your constituent’s lives.