The right plan for debt issuance looks different for every situation. 

Every public sector organization has its own unique objectives and constraints, so the first step in issuing debt effectively is figuring out the right debt structure for your needs. 

Crowe has the experience and know-how to craft the debt structure that meets your specific goals and objectives.  

Issuing debt is complicated. Imagine a 50 year veteran on your team.

There are many far-reaching and complicated decisions to make.

To start, we'll help you analyze your needs and revenue streams so you can decide which debt issuance approach – competitive, negotiated, or private placement—works best for you.

For over 30 years Crowe has worked closely with public sector clients on their debt issuance and management needs.

We can help you navigate every step of the debt issuance process.

That includes help with debt structuring, selling bonds, complying with regulations, communicating with your constituents, and even installing the right software to manage it all.

What, when, and how you say it – it’s more than just a matter of compliance.

We have a firm grasp on what matters to underwriters, rating agencies, and investors. Many of us have worked with them for our entire careers. Some of us have been debt issuers and underwriters ourselves. 

We speak their language.

From verifying that your documentation is in good shape to helping with reports and presentations, we’ll help you connect with these groups more effectively.

It’s as much about storytelling as it is about debt issuance and management.

Sure, we will help you avoid mistakes and miscommunication. That’s table stakes. But you know there’s more that’s important. 

We can help you tell a compelling story that connects with your community. 

Storytelling helps constituents recognize they are getting a good deal with their investment while supporting a public need. Your official statements offer a great opportunity to build relationships with your constituents.

At the end of the day, it comes down to selling.

When the planning and strategizing are done, and it’s time to actually issue bonds or notes, the Crowe team has the knowledge and experience you need.

We’ve been in the market. We understand pricing and marketing. And we have powerful software.

We have software that others can’t offer, including our own Crowe Debt Manager software, powered by Microsoft Dynamics™ 365.

Our goal is to make your debt issuance, management, and administration processes as effective and successful as everything else you do.

6 ways we can help you with debt issuance and management

Bond and note issuance
Navigate every step in the complicated process of issuing debt and managing bonds and notes.
Bond and note issuance
From advising on complex financing to completing forms and documents and drafting official statements, Crowe has experience you can count on.

We'll work with you and help you navigate every step in the complicated process of issuing debt and managing bond and notes.
Debt policy
Creating your debt issuance and management policy, factoring in appropriate laws and regulations.
Debt policy
Developing a debt issuance policy for your community is important to market participants including rating agencies and capital markets. A debt issuance policy tells them your community has the processes in place to meet debt obligations.

Crowe will help you create your debt issuance and management policy, factoring in appropriate laws and regulations.
Continuing disclosure
Crowe can help you stay on top of your continuing disclosure requirements. 
Continuing disclosure
Communicating your community’s financial and operational status is an important part of debt regulatory compliance. But it’s also something more – it’s an opportunity to explain your finances in a way that informs taxpayers, apprises capital market participants, attracts potential bond buyers, and reminds everyone of the value your organization delivers.  

Crowe will help you stay on top of your continuing disclosure requirements. 
Bond refunding
We use powerful software tools that help us analyze the market.
Bond refunding
Situations change, bonds become callable, markets shift, rates vary. When these things happen, it could be a sign that it’s time to refund bonds, save money, and start working on other projects. How can you tell?  

Crowe has the experience and expertise to assess the situation – and we have powerful software tools that help us analyze the market and provide solid advice.  
Escrow verification
Our team can help you so you can focus on other capital priorities.
Escrow verification
Defeasing bonds can be a good way to get debt off your balance sheet – but setting up escrow accounts and computing required contributions takes considerable expertise.  

Our team will help you through the process of escrow verification, so you can focus on other capital priorities. 
Crowe Debt Manager
Say goodbye to disparate spreadsheets that don't have the power.
Crowe Debt Manager

Work with us

We're not a single advisor. We're a whole team.

  • Series 50-qualified municipal advisers
  • CPAs
  • Other credentialed professionals
  • Market specialists
  • Financial specialists
  • Former underwriters
  • Former elected officials

Plus, we have:

  • Access to big data — multiple data tool subscriptions that keep us on top of the markets
  • Awesome software — our own exclusive software that can efficiently manage the entire process

And one more thing:

Our clients tell us they especially value the way we collaborate.

Their situations aren’t well served with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Public sector areas we serve

State & local government
Federal government
State & local government
Federal government
Crowe understands federal government. We also understand the relationships and processes of how your work touches states, grantees, and constituents. Whether you need help with grants, audits, risk management, or process improvement, our insight allows us to be more effective in providing those services.
Crowe brings not-for-profit professionals who seek to understand your mission and mirror your commitment. From managing revenue to embracing the latest technology, we have experience with the nuances you face.
  • Associations
  • Arts and culture
  • Community and private foundations
  • Research organizations

Crowe helps educational institutions approach today’s difficult challenges. Whether it’s fiscal concerns, regulatory questions, or technology issues, we’re ready to work with you as you serve your students and communities.

  • Public universities and state institutions
  • Community colleges
  • Private colleges and universities
  • K-12 private schools
  • Public school districts