See the world differently

Environment and resource management involves a lot more than just complying with environmental regulations.

A successful program also needs passion and vision — along with technical expertise and financial savvy.

Crowe can help you on all fronts.

Finding your way through the rules

We understand how complicated and interwoven various environmental regulations and sustainability targets can be.

Preserve. Protect. Restore.

Crowe can help you figure out how to meet your aspirations and regulations.

Planning for the future

It all starts with sustainability and commitment.

Imagine giving your community a sustainable future.

We have the experience and know-how to help you turn that vision into a practical, viable plan.

Beyond that, we also have the expertise to help answer environmental and funding questions, and bring stakeholders together to put your plan into action.

Using data to make things work

You want to create successful green communities and organizations for your constituents.

Imagine what you could do with accurate data at your fingertips.

We can analyze your program’s data so that you can nail down the environmental and economic impacts of new programs or changes.

We understand things like environmental impact and cost recovery.

Setting smart rates

Setting fair cost recovery rates that stand up to scrutiny is critical.

Imagine having a methodology that does it for you.

Crowe has developed a rate-setting methodology that gives you detailed, easy-to-understand results.

Need help presenting those rates at stakeholder meetings? We can assist with that too.


Work with us

What do our clients say about us?

They appreciate our shared passion for environmental projects and our extensive experience in the field.

50 years of experience.

Hundreds of projects completed with:

  • Fish and wildlife agencies
  • State parks
  • Toxic substance control agencies
  • State lands commissions
  • Public utilities commissions 
  • Natural resource agencies
  • Energy commissions
  • Water resource departments
  • Recycling authorities
  • Boating and waterways divisions 

Well ... you get the picture.

We pair this broad experience with a consulting approach that tackles the full range of sustainability and resource management issues.