Sometimes you just need to ask the right questions

Our assessments and studies for the public sector are all about helping you meet your community and citizens’ needs with the limited resources you have. 

After assessing hundreds of organizations like yours, we know how to ask the right questions, identify the right issues, and provide recommendations that make a meaningful difference. 

Need a lifeline?

The Crowe Government Guide is an on-demand consulting subscription for the public sector providing access to a wide menu of benefits to meet your unique needs - whenever you need it.

Focus on what has the most impact

We know there are competing priorities for the limited resources you have.

We provide organizational assessment tools that allow you to make the most of your resources.

Here's what we offer: proven frameworks. Effective processes and digital technologies that expand your capacity. Experienced people who can share insights about your particular sector.

Our teams have seen quite a lot over decades assessing organizations just like yours. Imagine putting what we know to work for you.

Identify ways to improve your financials, operations, and technology

We’ve got frameworks that identify and eliminate activity that doesn’t support constituent needs.

Our organizational assessments will also draw out insights that help you develop your people and support them with cost-effective and efficient technologies.

Every time we adjust processes, it’s with an eye to creating benefits to your citizens.

Create a realistic, realizable path forward  

There are a lot of options out there. It helps to understand all the choices before you make one.

Crowe works alongside your organization to assess the risks and opportunities, correct problems, and improve performance.

We'll work with you to create a road map you can act on immediately.

Just to make sure you’re headed in the right direction, we’ll also give you examples of other agencies who’ve succeeded in efforts like yours.

3 organizational assessments we offer

Technology and security
Understand your current risks and determine opportunities to move forward.
Technology and security
Financial and economic
Evaluate your financials and economic indicators to determine viability and sustainability.
Financial and economic
Operations and organization
Identify and implement solutions that benefit those you serve.
Operations and organization

Work with us

Our assessments will make a lasting difference in the way your organization works.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Technical skills
  • Experience-driven insight
  • Clear, straightforward communication
  • Coordinated decision-making
  • Practical road maps forward

Our experienced teams can help you explore the alternatives and figure out which avenues make sense for you.

Our teams

  • Former administrators 
  • Former elected officials 
  • Highly experienced public sector consultants 
  • Technology specialists

Our clients

  • Federal governments
  • State governments
  • Local governments
  • Agencies of various types and sizes
  • Authorities

Public sector areas we serve

State & local government
Federal government
State & local government
Federal government
Crowe understands federal government. We also understand the relationships and processes of how your work touches states, grantees, and constituents. Whether you need help with grants, audits, risk management, or process improvement, our insight allows us to be more effective in providing those services.

Crowe brings not-for-profit professionals who seek to understand your mission and mirror your commitment. From managing revenue to embracing the latest technology, we have experience with the nuances you face.
  • Associations
  • Arts and culture
  • Community and private foundations
  • Research organizations

Crowe helps educational institutions approach today’s difficult challenges. Whether it’s fiscal concerns, regulatory questions, or technology issues, we’re ready to work with you as you serve your students and communities.

  • Public universities and state institutions
  • Community colleges
  • Private colleges and universities
  • K-12 private schools
  • Public school districts