Cloud-based systems bring a new range of possibilities within reach.

The cloud can help you accomplish your mission more efficiently and effectively, with enhanced security, increased productivity, and cost savings. 

Whatever you’re tracking and managing, Crowe can help you get your systems talking, your people collaborating, and your constituents interacting – all while staying compliant and focused on your agency mission. 

The cloud changes everything.

Multiple disparate systems, siloed databases, and stacks of manual spreadsheets are cumbersome, antiquated, and significantly impact your team’s efficiency.

Imagine an integrated environment with all business applications that you need instantly sharing data with each other.

It starts with Crowe helping you standardize your business application platform on the Microsoft cloud.

Connect your organization’s data silos and empower your business users like never before.

With a common data model, your business applications can share data securely and in real time.

Get everyone on the same page.

Imagine if your contract management system could talk to your project management system. Or if your case management system could support external users via a portal.

When all these cloud-based systems are built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform, they communicate seamlessly and securely.

Everyone is looking at the same real-time data with dashboards that are clear, understandable, and tailored to your needs.

We can help make that happen with cloud management.

One standardized platform — many positive outcomes.

At Crowe, we’ve built a suite of functional cloud-based solutions for government on a single platform.

And we’ve built them for a wide range of public sector organizations, designed carefully to support government functions today and in the future.

The net result: enable better public sector management and equip them with the cloud-based systems needed to drive innovation, promote cross-collaboration, make more informed decisions, and eliminate errors and communication gaps.

Each of these functional cloud management solutions enable better business process workflows, automatic document generation, and deep interconnectivity.

Imagine what this could mean.

Imagine being able to collaborate on a complex initiative across agencies.

Imagine having all the cloud management tools and data you need in one location, instead of scattered across several expensive, unsupported, and disconnected systems.

Built on the cloud-based Microsoft™ Dynamics 365 Power Platform, Crowe’s government solutions allow you to do all that and more.

Make your aging systems work like new again.

Are your existing systems tired and unsupported? Can they easily adapt to future needs? Do they keep up with legislative mandates and the increasing and evolving constituent demands placed on your agency?

It just may be time to take advantage of cloud-based systems and technologies.

Let our experienced team support your organizational transformation by modernizing it with our public sector management solutions.

Specialized cloud-based tools for public sector management

We’ve designed a suite of functional modules — and continue to roll out more.

Case Management
Cloud-based child support, legal, law enforcement, education, health, licensing, and other case management functions. 
Case Management
Grant Management
Cloud-based grant management for grant recipients and grant providers, including managing the initial application process, grant evaluation and awards, and ongoing compliance with grant reporting requirements. 
Grant Management
Contract Management
Cloud-based end-to-end contract management cycle capabilities, from initial RFP and procurement management through work authorization, change orders, and day-to-day performance monitoring and documentation. Additional capabilities for building contracts from standardized narratives. 
Contract Management
Program Management
Cloud-based tools for managing project portfolios and running an effective project management office, including real-time scheduling, resource management, task management, backlogs, milestones, and budgets — for virtually any type of project delivery methodology: agile, waterfall, or other. 
Program Management
Registrant Management
Streamlined ways to collect, manage, and track various types of registrations, applications, licenses, permits, examinations, and compliance functions.
Registrant Management
Economic Development
A tailored, cloud-based solution that supports the complex functions of economic development agencies, including dynamic incentives tracking and management assessment capabilities throughout the entire business development life cycle.  
Economic Development

Need something different? Something mobile? We can make that happen for you.

Work with us

The right perspective. At Crowe, we follow a business-first perspective that uses cloud-based systems to drive and support your business functions, rather than making your business fit the technology.

The right experience. It’s what we’ve been doing for more than 30 years. We are passionate about public sector managment, your agency, and your constituents. We are passionate about the work that you do.

The right approach. We work with you in a highly coordinated way — and that makes all the difference when it comes to getting your new systems up and operating quickly and improving your organization’s performance in a meaningful way. 

Public sector areas we serve

State & local government
Federal government
State & local government
Federal government
Crowe understands federal government. We also understand the relationships and processes of how your work touches states, grantees, and constituents. Whether you need help with grants, audits, risk management, or process improvement, our insight allows us to be more effective in providing those services.
Crowe brings not-for-profit professionals who seek to understand your mission and mirror your commitment. From managing revenue to embracing the latest technology, we have experience with the nuances you face.
  • Associations
  • Arts and culture
  • Community and private foundations
  • Research organizations

Crowe helps educational institutions approach today’s difficult challenges. Whether it’s fiscal concerns, regulatory questions, or technology issues, we’re ready to work with you as you serve your students and communities.

  • Public universities and state institutions
  • Community colleges
  • Private colleges and universities
  • K-12 private schools
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