Effective project management makes the journey almost as good as the results.

With years of experience with public sector project management, we can get you places you can’t get on your own.

Crowe will structure a project where the timelines are achievable, the road map is clear, the communication is smooth, and the execution is disciplined from beginning to end.

You can expect more than the baseline.

"On time. On schedule. On budget." These have been the magic words of project management for a very long time.

But we've learned that there's a lot more to a successful project. Being easy to work with is a big part of that.

Imagine a project where communication, collaboration, and trust are top priorities too.

It's about giving you visibility into the project, and confidence in clear objectives and shared expectations. We navigate the project journey and foresee issues before they become problems.

Public sector project management starts with choosing the right approach.

Sometimes it's hard to know which development methodology to use. Agile? Waterfall? A customized approach?

At Crowe, our project management consultants have many years of experience with different implementation approaches.

We'll assess the project and help you determine the best methodology for your particular situation.

Once we've determined together the best way to go, we'll help you carry it out.

And setting your end goals from the very beginning.

When goals change over the course of a project, it can be an uphill climb to complete the project in a timely fashion — let alone on budget.

We'll help you define comprehensive, achievable objectives up front.

From that point on, we organize our thinking toward meeting those objectives.

That means setting realistic and meaningful milestones. It also means paying attention to important metrics to assess progress.

Help your people take ownership.

Our experience has taught us how important it is to have clear communication and constant collaboration throughout a project.

Ownership starts with telling the right story and getting everyone on board.

Then it continues with the kinds of communication and training that create buy-in.

Our project management consultants collaborate with your people so they're invested in the project and can build on its results going forward.

Create the foundation that keeps your project going over the long haul.

Completing a successful project is just phase one.

We want you to feel confident managing and maintaining the results, long after our engagement is over. 

We’ll involve you in every step of the project, so you’re familiar with each process and can continue on without us.

Work with us

We’ve completed hundreds of projects working with all types and sizes of public sector clients:

  • Federal government
  • Large state agencies 
  • Small municipalities
  • Schools
  • Authorities 
  • Public utilities  

Meet our team of project management specialists.

  • Project Management Professionals 
  • Earned Value Management Professionals  
  • Cost Estimating Professionals 
  • Certified Business Analyst Professionals

That’s a lot of deep expertise.

We will work with you, in the trenches, to manage your project in a way that is tailored to suit your particular situation.  

Public sector areas we serve

State & local government
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