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When challenges arise without warning, a team of specialists can help you move forward confidently.

In the public sector, the pressure to tackle complex issues and deliver results quickly can feel overwhelming – especially when you have inflexible processes and limited resources working against you.

You need an agile team to help you accomplish your goals.

Crowe Government Guide gives you the support you need, when you need it.

As a subscription-based service, clients have access to a wide menu of consulting benefits to meet their unique needs. Our on-demand specialists are available for one-on-one support, no matter how big or small the challenge might be.

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Navigate tough decisions with the help of a trusted guide.

When you hit a roadblock, you need quick access to the right technology and a flexible team of strategists and practitioners to help you find the best way forward. Crowe Government Guide offers on-demand consulting services to help take your organization into the digital arena.

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Project management and project management office (PMO) coaching

On-demand project managers are available to assist your PMO team, provide PMO coaching, or manage technical implementations through third-party vendors.

Peer benchmarking and industry trends

See how your organization measures up against others in your state or industry area.

Procurement management

Access, evaluate, and implement new technology with support from our experienced specialists.

Confidential troubleshooting

Navigate sensitive issues alongside specialists in a discrete and safe environment free of scrutiny.

Strategy and assessments

Stay on top of the latest modernization trends and move your organization forward with strategic planning and targeted assessments.

Regulatory compliance services

Stay up to date on the changes in federal, state, and local requirements for the reporting and distribution of funds.

Risk management support

Identify, address, and proactively manage risks in your operations with the help of our specialists.

You need a lifeline when you're up against tight budgets and rigid project scopes.

In the public sector, unanticipated problems can occur at any moment. Crowe Government Guide equips you with the technology and foresight needed to help you tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Make important decisions confidently with customized services and a team you can trust.

Stop waiting for answers

Tap into on-demand access to our specialists including one-on-one calls or chats in a confidential and safe environment.

Stay ahead of complex issues

Participate in regular check-in meetings to address issues and conduct problem-solving and strategy sessions.

Tailor projects to fit your needs

Work with a specialist to define your project and establish the purpose, goals, and objectives that can help you see the maximum return on investment.

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