Audit and assurance services

Audit and assurance services

Discover the value that might be provided by an objective audit done by auditors with significant audit and industry experience.
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Audit and assurance services that aim for excellence

At Crowe, we’re big on the right experience. That’s why our more than 1,400 Crowe audit professionals1 make time to understand your needs and listen to your concerns before applying their deep expertise and significant industry specialization.

We know what’s at stake when embracing business challenges. Whether you’re obtaining financing, planning for acquisitions and divestitures, or funding portfolio companies, our professionals aim to deliver audit and assurance services with unique project management technology that offers efficiency and next-level responsiveness.

1"Our Commitment to Audit Quality Starts at the Top" Crowe 2023 Audit Quality Report, p. 5.

Audit and assurance services that aim for excellence

Leading with integrity, our client experience is the difference

With significant audit and industry expertise, our auditors deliver audits with independence and objectivity, which can create confidence with your stakeholders. We stress communication and responsiveness throughout the process, whether working remotely or visiting you in person. Discover what makes our audit approach unique.

Tailored, risk-based approach

We won’t adopt a one-size-fits-all method to your unique entity. We look at the underlying transaction data and use deep industry expertise to analyze risks, document controls, and help you understand the risk we have assessed.

Proprietary technology

Crowe has developed proprietary technologies such as Crowe Secure Information Exchange and Crowe Insight® platform. Our technology integrates complex methodology and best practices with our firm’s industry and functional expertise to centralize, standardize, and support specific audit and assurance processes.

Quality control

Our focus is on delivering an efficient audit that meets the benchmarks of quality at every level. Plus, we undergo annual inspections from the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), who evaluates our audit processes.

A One Crowe approach

Your Crowe audit and assurance team is assembled for your industry and services, bringing you the right specialists, with the right expertise. You’ll access top professionals across Crowe and experience seamless collaboration among Crowe offices and teams.

Our audit and assurance work spans business segments

The segments we serve are emblematic of both our expansive reach and scope of experience. Ranging from established markets to emerging sectors, our strong engagement teams perform quality audits and efficient IT assurance assessments with the utmost integrity, rigor, and professionalism.

Private companies

Private companies enlist our skilled audit and assurance professionals to provide audit services to meet critical accounting standards and timelines. In this capacity, we deliver value with objectivity.

Publicly held companies

Public company audits performed on an annual basis by independent auditors must adhere to the strictest standards of ethics, independence, and quality control – the key to establishing confidence in our capital markets.

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Industries we serve

Crowe offers a breadth of relevant industry offerings and deep insights into leading practices.

Across segments, private and public companies enlist our skilled and independent audit and assurance professionals to provide services that meet quality standards and timelines.


Financial Services

Financial services

With our financial services audit team, you’ll get more than services and solutions – you’ll get a team that understands your industry. We apply that knowledge to deliver objective, credible audit services.

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We dive deep into issues and topics that could have an impact on your organization.

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Comply with lease accounting standards

Lease reporting now requires more data. We can help you plan to address the impacts, from increased lease transparency to ongoing compliance.

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View our recognition revenue resource center

Navigate revenue recognition standards

Financial executives are facing the potential effects of changing revenue recognition standards. We can help you determine the best way to implement new guidance.

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Monthly, quarterly, and annual reports and insights

Our specialists collaborate often to provide information on our audit approach, audit committee best practices, and the latest in accounting, financial reporting, governance, risk management, and compliance issues.

Engage with our audit and assurance teams

We apply deep knowledge of AICPA, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and PCAOB standards and proprietary technology to our work to provide you the real-time data and insights you expect from an objective, independent audit. This, plus support from our experienced leaders – audit and national office partners average 24 years2 – enable us to provide a consistent level of service excellence to our clients.

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2"Our Commitment to Audit Quality Starts at the Top" Crowe 2023 Audit Quality Report, p. 4.

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