Your not-for-profit mission is everything. We get that.

Our role is helping you deal with the challenges that distract focus from your mission. 

Crowe’s experienced not-for-profit team shares your passion and commitment. And we know how to help you get things done, whether it’s addressing problems that currently exist or positioning you for a sustainable future.

Creating impact for the people you serve

As a not-for-profit organization, you operate differently from commercial enterprises or government agencies.

Your funding needs and sources are different, your values are different, and your governing structure and decision-making processes are different too.

At Crowe, we understand that.

Imagine an adviser who helps you and your organization thrive through every challenge.

Transforming the way you work 

Do you need assistance launching a new program? Do you need to upgrade and implement new technology? Or do you need to find a new and better way to manage your finances and administration?

This is what we do.

Imagine being able to realize your biggest goals.

We’ll work with you, side by side, to help make the process worthwhile.

Fulfilling your mission

We have worked with hundreds of not-for-profit organizations.

We know that every organization is unique — each has its own extraordinary mission and role in its community.

Imagine solutions that are true to your vision, cause, and purpose.

When you work with our consulting team, your mission becomes our mission.

We take the time to understand what sets you apart. And we work with you in a collaborative way to develop solutions that reflect who you are.

Sharing your passion

For Crowe, not-for-profit work is more than just another industry we serve.

It's in our core values: we care, we share, we invest, we grow.

Our consultants volunteer thousands of hours to numerous organizations in their communities. 

Imagine a collaboration that’s more than just business.

We take the time to understand your mission and objectives — because they’re our priorities too.

Manage tax compliance at every step

Crowe tax-exempt specialists understand the unique tax challenges your organization faces and have developed the C-TRAC solution to help you manage tax form preparation, information gathering and reporting, and project management.

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Ways we can help

Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer
No more struggling with manual spreadsheet workarounds.
Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer
Crowe Financial Book Builder
Streamline all the work that goes into your annual financial reports.
Crowe Financial Book Builder
Crowe Debt Manager
Say goodbye to disparate spreadsheets that don't have the power.
Crowe Debt Manager
Crowe Contract Manager
Track the complete life cycle of your contracts more efficiently.
Crowe Contract Manager
Crowe Program Manager
Give your team all the tools they need to drive projects forward.
Crowe Program Manager
Crowe Financial Scenario Planner
Take the complexity out of building a financial model.
Crowe Financial Scenario Planner
Crowe CARES Act Reporting Tool
Track, manage, consolidate, and report on CARES Act funds in one secure platform.
Crowe CARES Act Reporting Tool
Crowe Pandemic Response & Recovery App
Manage the complexity of a global pandemic.
Crowe Pandemic Response & Recovery App

Work with us

We have experience with the kinds of issues that not-for-profits face.

Do you need financial, operational, or technology consulting services that are tailored to the needs of a not-for-profit?

Our team of experienced not-for-profit consultants are eager to work side by side with you.

We’re ready to create solutions that further the mission of your organization and create real impact on the lives of the people you serve.