See the world differently

Crowe’s public sector teams can help you get ready for the future.

Health and human services organizations face ever-evolving issues.

Reform, changing delivery systems, access — that’s a lot of external changes that require agility.

Need to define your strategy? Manage more effectively? Or come up with innovative ways to meet changes in requirements? Crowe can help with all that and more.

Sharing the workload.

Sorting through complicated issues

Imagine having all your health and human services stakeholders on the same page.

Crowe can help you bring them together to find common ground.

We deliver in-depth business analysis to help you see the issues clearly. We can bring best practices and new insights that will help you solve tough problems — even when they don’t have easy answers.

Changing times require flexible solutions – with lasting results

At Crowe, we know the world is changing rapidly, and new problems will need new solutions.

Imagine being one step ahead of the changing requirements.

Our health and human services teams can help you respond quickly with solutions that work — both now and in the future.

And when the situation calls for new technology, we’ll work side by side with you for a smooth transition.

Sharing the workload.

Imagine being able to work with several different groups efficiently and effectively.

Our technology services help make that happen by making it easy to share information securely.

In many cases, this information sharing also helps administrators find better ways to meet their statutory requirements.


Work with us

For more than 30 years ...

... Crowe has been providing financial, compliance, operational, performance, and technology consulting services to health and human services agencies.

We’ve worked with agencies of all sizes — with widely varying goals and challenges — helping them open up the process, improve access, and collaborate with other entities.