Crises and disasters can become defining moments for communities. 

What you do to prevent a crisis can save lives. And if a crisis does occur, what you do to respond and recover can shape the future of your community for decades to come. 

Crowe offers professional expertise and practical tools to help you through these critical moments in the life of your community.

Assessing the threat — and the resources you’ll need.

Keeping your community safe is your number one priority.

Imagine understanding what threats are out there.

Crowe can help you spot where you’re vulnerable, assess the risks and the impacts threats could have, and then take an objective look at how you can respond. We can apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and be proactive.

Planning for the unexpected.

When lives are at stake, simply complying with standards is just not enough.

That’s why homeland security organizations have to be alert for unexpected threats and why public safety agencies need to always be planning for new and unexpected hazards.

Imagine knowing what steps to take before the unexpected happens.

Crowe offers a variety of powerful tools, including planning and tabletop exercises.

Training for a faster response.

Emergencies — by definition — don’t happen on a schedule. And they don’t always happen one at a time.

Imagine knowing how to respond to emergency situations.

Crowe can help you beef up your training programs so your responders have the skills they need to make public safety decisions on the spot.

We also can help you change your operations, processes, and organization, and provide tools that help you manage a crisis more effectively and get the recovery underway.

Getting the tools you need.

Every homeland security, public safety, and emergency management organization needs adequate resources and support. 

But budget restraints are a fact of life. 

Imagine having the resources you need to keep your constituents safe. 
Crowe can help you find new ways to get resources to protect your community.

Ways we can help

Crowe Debt Manager
Say goodbye to disparate spreadsheets that don't have the power.
Crowe Debt Manager
Contract Management
Track the complete life cycle of your contracts more efficiently.
Contract Management
Program Management
Give your team all the tools they need to drive projects forward.
Program Management
ERP Solutions
Financial management systems to transform your organization so you can serve everyone better.
ERP Solutions
Cloud Solutions
Connect your organization’s data silos and empower your business users like never before.
Cloud Solutions
Risk and Digital Security Solutions
Get a handle on the risks you face, and the best ways to address them.
Risk and Digital Security Solutions

To keep up with today’s technology risks, you have to focus your resources on the most serious security threats, without wasting on the more unlikely ones.

Crowe can help you identify what those most threatening risks are. We can show you how to use today’s best monitoring tools to focus your resources on the areas that matter most. With automated tools and processes that bring everyone in your organization on board, you can rest assured you’re minimizing risk and keeping your technology and data secure.

Work with us

Crowe homeland security, public safety, and emergency management teams are made up of trained and experienced specialists.

We understand what it means to have no room for error and no time to waste.

Every year, we help agencies of various types and sizes prepare for the unexpected, giving them the tools they need to mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover — and ultimately keep their communities safe.