Meeting the growing demand for utility services isn’t easy.

Navigating complex rules and regulations, determining fair rates, preparing for the needs of the future - today’s utilities must balance pressures from all sides.

Crowe brings many years’ experience helping water, sewer, storm water, waste, and energy utilities. Our teams have the experience and knowledge to help you respond successfully to all the challenges thrown your way.

Navigate the rules and regulations.

As mandates change and priorities evolve, regulatory compliance can be a constant battle.

Imagine being a step ahead of the continually changing rules and regulations.

Crowe has extensive experience working with utilities, managing projects and determining rates.

We can help you create a practical plan for timely compliance and equitable rates.

Set fair rates.

Fair and justifiable utility rates are a must if they are going to withstand scrutiny from governing authorities and meet citizens’ expectations.

Imagine routinely being able to answer your citizens’ questions.

Crowe offers a rate-setting methodology that helps you produce detailed documentation that is easy to understand — and easy to explain in rate hearings, city council, and board meetings.

Look to the future.

As the utilities industry evolves, we’re here to help you change with it.

Imagine what you could do with the latest and greatest technology.

Crowe can help you update your legacy systems, implement new ERP and financial planning systems, and issue bonds to support new projects.

We can also help you plan alternative energy infrastructure, evaluate alternative energy and green programs, explore new advances in utilities delivery, find new program funding, and meet your overall portfolio obligations.

Find funding and plan expenditures.

As infrastructure ages, utilities must spend more to modernize and maintain safe operations.

And as technology advances, consumers and regulators demand new alternatives.

The common denominator: all of these priorities require funding. Crowe has many years of experience helping utility providers, from bond issuance to long-term capital plans.

Imagine having the funding to truly meet your citizens’ needs.

We draw on our experience to make the most of your funding sources, seek out new sources when possible, and maintain cost-effective operations to build a solid financial foundation for the long term.


Ways we can help

Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer
No more struggling with manual spreadsheet workarounds.
Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer
Crowe Financial Book Builder
Streamline all the work that goes into your annual financial reports.
Crowe Financial Book Builder

We understand compiling your annual financial reports each year is time consuming. With our Financial Book Builder you can streamline how you build your final Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), your Budget Book, and any other financial reporting you need to produce.

Multiple people can work together to build the final reports with financial schedules, text, graphs, charts and imagery. And the application will integrate with the financial schedules you produce in your ERP solution – so you don’t have to duplicate any of your existing work.

Crowe Debt Manager
Say goodbye to disparate spreadsheets that don't have the power.
Crowe Debt Manager
Crowe Contract Manager
Track the complete life cycle of your contracts more efficiently.
Crowe Contract Manager
Crowe Program Manager
Give your team all the tools they need to drive projects forward.
Crowe Program Manager
Crowe Financial Scenario Planner
Take the complexity out of building a financial model.
Crowe Financial Scenario Planner
Crowe Grant Recipient Tracker­
Plan, administer, and report on your federal funds – including ARPA and CARES Act.
Crowe Grant Recipient Tracker­
Crowe Pandemic Response & Recovery App
Manage the complexity of a global pandemic.
Crowe Pandemic Response & Recovery App

Work with us

Utility projects require a common understanding and deep expertise.

The Crowe team has both.

  • More than 50 years of experience
  • Hundreds of projects for clients of all sizes

Clients turn to Crowe for objective, knowledgeable, professional advice and support for their utility programs and projects.