The focus of your educational institution is on student success.

Our focus is dealing with the difficult challenges you face: fiscal challenges, infrastructure concerns, linking performance to results, and more. 

Crowe works with educational institutions at all levels to address accountability, performance, and access. We can help you, so you can focus on making a difference in your student’s lives.

K-12: Build a solid foundation

Improving student safety, upgrading classroom technology, improving student outcomes — schools face some tough challenges these days.

Whether your school is in an urban, suburban, or rural community, our education consulting teams can help you improve your students’ lives.

And regardless of the resources you have (or don’t have) as a public, private, or charter school, the Crowe team has the skills, experience, and know-how to help you make a real difference.

Higher education: Get ready for the future 

Your goal is to help every student achieve.

At Crowe, our goal is to help administrators of all types of schools, colleges, and universities to manage their policies, processes, procedures, and technology.

We can help address your needs.

Whether you’re dealing with general funding and administrative problems or facing more specific issues like diversity, workforce development, and lifelong learning programs, Crowe can help.

Create a better student experience

Your ultimate goal as an educational institution is to have your students achieve their potential.

We share your mission.

Whether we’re helping to obtain additional funding, streamline processes, improve your management approach, or upgrade technology, our goal, like yours, is to help you deliver better services to students and create a more effective learning environment for all.

Manage more successfully

In education, funding and revenue are always a challenge.

We use a combination of sharp people, streamlined processes, and advanced technology to help you tackle these challenges.

Our teams can help you analyze your current revenue streams, make the most of your existing resources, and find new ways to minimize costs and improve overall management.

Ways we can help

Lease Accounting Optimizer
No more struggling with manual spreadsheet workarounds.
Lease Accounting Optimizer
Crowe Debt Manager
Say goodbye to disparate spreadsheets that don't have the power. 
Crowe Debt Manager
Contract Manager
Track the complete life cycle of your contracts more efficiently. 
Contract Manager
Program Manager
Give your team all the tools they need to drive projects forward.
Program Manager
NetSuite for Public Sector
The cost-effective solution that will transform your operations.
NetSuite for Public Sector
Financial Book Builder
Streamline all the work that goes into your annual financial reports.
Financial Book Builder

We understand compiling your annual financial reports each year is time consuming. With our Financial Book Builder you can streamline how you build your final Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), your Budget Book, and any other financial reporting you need to produce.

Multiple people can work together to build the final reports with financial schedules, text, graphs, charts and imagery. And the application will integrate with the financial schedules you produce in your ERP solution – so you don’t have to duplicate any of your existing work.

Work with us

We have more than 50 years of experience.

Are you looking for financial, operational, or technology consulting services that are focused on the needs of educational institutions? Crowe is your answer! 

Our team of experienced educational consultants are eager to work side by side with you.

We’re ready to make a lasting difference in your students' lives.