See the world differently

Prison overcrowding, public safety, communication between courts, governments, judicial councils … these are the challenges you face on a daily basis.

Fortunately, with our 50 years of experience, we have solutions to help you administer justice fairly and efficiently.

Sorting through the conflicts to find solutions that work.

The criminal justice system includes a diverse range of players: law enforcement and corrections, courts, prosecutors, and public defenders — plus the defendants and victims themselves.

Imagine everyone in the criminal justice system working together.

Crowe’s consulting teams can help provide solutions to the challenges of every role in the system.

Need help upgrading technology? Need to make operational and organizational improvements?

Upgrading technology without the headaches. 

Your goal is equitable access to justice.

Imagine what’s possible with new technology.

Need a new case management system? What about implementing useful new tools, like mobile technology?

Yes, we know that updating your old legacy systems can be a pain.

But we know how to help you manage the risks and make a smoother, faster transition.

Sharing information securely, and collaborating effectively. 

Criminal justice works better when people and departments collaborate.

Imagine everyone having access to the information they need.

Crowe can help with that.

Our digital technology solutions make it easier to share information quickly and securely.

Looking for new eye-opening insights? Our data analysis tools can help with that too.


Work with us

We have the experience.

We’ve worked with some of the nation’s largest and most complex:

  • Sheriff’s departments
  • Correction agencies
  • Departments of justice
  • Court systems
  • Juvenile detention centers

No matter your size or goals, our consultants are here to help you administer justice fairly, equitably, and efficiently.