Economic development is about creating a thriving community that people love to live, work, and play in

Our economic development teams can help you with the “thriving” part. 

Attracting new residents and businesses, strengthening your economic base, and improving opportunities for everyone in your community — these are the ways you bring a community to life. Crowe has the experience and technical expertise to help you make it happen. 

Attract new businesses — and keeping the ones you already have 

The competition among communities trying to attract and retain businesses can be intense.

Crowe understands the financial complexities of economic development.

Imagine being the community where all businesses want to plant their roots.

We look at things through the eyes of business leaders.

We can help you assess what’s possible financially, and then build a plan to keep you competitive.

Demonstrate real results 

Your list of new-business concerns is probably long. Public education, workforce housing, training programs, financing, and tax policies — just to name a few.

Imagine a booming community where everyone wants to live and work.

No matter what issues you need to address, Crowe can help.

We’ll work collaboratively to develop an effective strategy and spell out clear and practical goals.

Your community will see the results of your efforts.

Get the money you need

Attracting and retaining new businesses requires money.

Financing your community needs is something we can help you with.

Imagine having the money you need to meet your short-term and long-term goals.

Our registered municipal advisors can help you borrow money to support your economic development plans.

Get a handle on tomorrow’s technology  

These days, technology and business development go hand in hand. That’s why a solid technological infrastructure helps attract today’s businesses.

Imagine having advanced technology solutions to manage your business recruitment efforts.

Crowe has helped many local and state economic development organizations develop and implement new technology so they can compete in today’s marketplace.

Ways we can help

Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer
No more struggling with manual spreadsheet workarounds.
Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer
Crowe Financial Book Builder
Streamline all the work that goes into your annual financial reports.
Crowe Financial Book Builder
Crowe Debt Manager
Say goodbye to disparate spreadsheets that don't have the power.
Crowe Debt Manager
Crowe Program Manager
Give your team all the tools they need to drive projects forward.
Crowe Program Manager
Crowe Contract Manager
Track the complete life cycle of your contracts more efficiently.
Crowe Contract Manager
Crowe Financial Scenario Planner
Take the complexity out of building a financial model.
Crowe Financial Scenario Planner
Crowe Grant Recipient Tracker­
Plan, administer, and report on your federal funds – including ARPA and CARES Act.
Crowe Grant Recipient Tracker­
Crowe Pandemic Response & Recovery App
Manage the complexity of a global pandemic.
Crowe Pandemic Response & Recovery App

Work with us

We have an experienced team that has helped communities plan and finance projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars:

  • Business analysts
  • Technology specialists
  • Registered municipal advisors
  • Who have helped communities plan and finance projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

We’re committed to helping you create a stronger and more prosperous community. Here’s how we do it: by helping you build partnerships with your stakeholders and meet your economic goals.