See the world differently

Building a thriving community means making the most of all the resources you have now, while embracing the best new ideas and technologies you need for the future.

Need help with technology? Getting more from your operations? Providing better or more information than you can today? Or completely rethinking your organization for tomorrow? Our public sector teams can help.

Delivering results – and showing how you achieved them.

Engaging with your constituents is crucial. They expect transparency in how you spend money, and accountability in the services you provide.

Crowe can help implement practical technology that provides better access to information and lays the foundation for the future.

Imagine technology that’s useful, accessible, and simple — giving everyone the opportunity to get involved.

Getting ready for the future.

Crowe is here to help you tackle the problems of today and the goals of tomorrow, so you can build a brighter future.

Imagine becoming a thriving community where people want to live and work.

Crowe can help you take advantage of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, mobile, and cloud computing. We’ll also help you seek out new sources of funding, so you can be ready for whatever the future holds.

Simplify and automate your work.

Need to do more with the people and resources you have?

Crowe helps you get more done in less time with solutions to simplify and automate your work.

Imagine what could be done if your staff was freed up for bigger and better things.

We also help you streamline workflows and diagnose problems, so you can do more with the systems you already have. Crowe is here to help you get the most from your time, effort, resources, and people.

Making better use of your data.

Access to accurate data is essential. But you also need to be able to analyze it, understand it, and use it to make sound decisions — along with making it accessible to taxpayers and other concerned parties.

Imagine what’s possible with advanced analytics, data-driven decisions, and informed constituents.

That’s where we can help.

Getting the money you need.

We understand your budgets are tight, and you need money for important projects.

Our registered municipal advisors will help you uncover funding sources to borrow the money you need.

Imagine having the funds to meet your short-term and long-term goals.


Work with us

In the past five years…

Crowe has completed nearly 1,000 projects
with 540 different public sector clients
serving populations ranging from 5,000 to 18 million
throughout all 50 states

In addition to our consulting professionals and technology specialists, our public sector team includes former administrators, elected officials, and practitioners.

Our deep expertise — delivered with a forward-thinking, collaborative approach — can help you create a genuinely positive impact in your community.