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Many acquisitions fail to live up to expectations. The reasons range from poor deal structure, poor strategic fit, failure to identify problems with the quality of earnings, overly optimistic estimates of synergies, to lack of an integration plan. Evaluating a company in another country compounds these risks. You are dealing with a different language and cultural barriers; different business ethics, legal systems, filing regulations, and accounting principles; transfer pricing that affects taxation – and often government involvement.

But international deals often provide the best growth opportunities. They can offer improved returns from economies of scale, new target markets for existing products/services, access to commodity materials, and a hedge against seasonality. Even savvy managements and private equity investors cannot know everything they should to make a deal successful, so they need an experienced international advisor.


1.0 Corporate Finance

2.0 Transaction Support

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Vendor Assistance and Due Diligence
  • Pre-Deal Evaluation and Structuring
  • Negotiation Strategy Advice

3.0 Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Divesture Advisory
  • Merger & Acquisition Integration
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Private Placements & Capital Raising
  • Initial Public Offers (IPO) and Project Management
  • Recapitalisations
  • Structuring of Management Buy-Outs (MBO), Management Buy-Ins (MBI) and Buy-In Management Buy-Outs (BIMBO)



4.0 Valuation Services

  • Company and Business Valuations
  • Equity Incentive Valuations
  • Intangible Asset Impairment
  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Shareholder/Corporate Planning
  • Stock Redemptions and Recapitalisations
  • Litigation Support
  • Independent Expert Reports/Fairness Reports

5.0 Corporate Recovery Services

  • Scheme of Arrangement and Composite Settlement Schemes
  • Restructuring Schemes pursuant to Section 176 of the Malaysian Companies Act, 1965
  • Debt, Cash Flow and Credit Restructuring
  • Capital Reduction
  • Monitoring Accountant
  • Turnaround Management
  • Viability Review
  • Non Performing Loan (NPL) Evaluation

6.0 Insolvency Services

  • Liquidation – Provisional, Court, Creditors’ and Members’ Voluntary
  • Receivership by Court and Debenture Appointments
  • Special Administration, Independent Advisors and Creditors’ Agent
  • Litigation Support
  • Arbitration Support for Companies with Shareholders’ Disputes and Insolvency Problems

7.0 China Desk

Professional Affiliation /Involvement/Accreditation

Past representation on the panel of Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Berhad to act as Special Administrators, Independent Advisors, and Creditors' Agents

Track Records

  • Appointments by most of Malaysia's major banks
  • In-depth experience in the Main and ACE Markets of Bursa Malaysia and the Stock Exchanges of Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and AIM, UK



Notable Engagement

  • More than 100 transactions involving businesses with revenue between RM10 million to RM100 million
  • Experience of taking 6 Malaysian companies to the AIM market
  • Independent Advisors for public listed companies seeking variations, ratifications etc and the two largest corporate and debt restructuring schemes of Malaysia
  • Receivership appointments over 2 highway concession operators and property development projects
  • Various due diligence assignments including large cross-border acquisitions
  • Maximised wealth for promoters, shareholders or investors in many corporate finance assignments, with substantial savings brought to our clients
  • Serviced clients throughout Malaysia and the Asia Pacific Region
  • Advised and completed debt restructuring schemes involving public and private companies

Our Service Leaders

Kien Hoe Onn
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Pauline Teh_Corporate Advisory Executive Director
Pauline Teh
Executive Director
Location: Kuala Lumpur