Our international experience allows us see through the dynamics of global markets from multiple perspectives, giving us the advantage to give clients the most up-to-date, relevant tax advice. 

Is your business truly tax-efficient?

Truly successful companies consider tax implications before they make business decisions. This makes international tax compliance, consulting and structuring a crucial element in any global strategy. As tax regulations change in different parts of the world, it's challenging to keep up with strategies that would optimise compliance. Our international platform provides the kind of expertise that you need in formulating tax strategies. We have a track record as one of the largest tax practices in Malaysia, established over 30 years.


1.0 Employee Management Services

  • Tax filing compliance 
  • Application of work permit 
  • Payroll services 
  • Remuneration packaging  

2.0 Tax Planning and Advisory

  • Specialist tax advisory services 
  • Inbound and outbound investments 
  • Corporate exercise (e.g. IPO, M&A, business restructuring) 
  • Application for tax incentives 
  • International Tax 
  • Advance ruling application (Income Tax, GST and Customs) 
  • Review of tax clauses in contract
  • RPGT and stamp duty matters   

 3.0 Tax Investigation and Field Audit

  • Assisting in handling and dealing with the IRB 
  • Pre-field audit review 
  • Negotiation with the IRB on settlement of audit or investigation cases

 4.0 Tax Due-Dilligence

  • Ascertain any undisclosed or unrealized contingent tax liabilities
  • Provide insight into the target's tax position and an assessment of the related tax risks
  • Review of target's historical tax profile, compliance with tax filing and payment of tax, evaluating significant tax risks, etc

5.0 Tax Compliance 

  • Tax filing compliance 
  • Application for refund of tax 
  • Incentive Review 
  • Application for tax resident certificate 
  • Withholding tax compliance 
  • Other tax compliance services  


6.0 Indirect Tax 

6.1 Sales Tax and Service Tax 

  • SST Advisory, Crowe Retainer Program or Ad-Hoc Consultancy 
  • SST Implications Review  
  • SST Training 
  • SST Appeal / Lobbying 
  • Customs Ruling Assistance 

6.2 Goods and Services Tax

  • GST Non-Compliance Risk Assessment 
  • GST Dispute Resolution 
  • Customs Audit Assistance 

7.0 Transfer Pricing

7.1 Transfer pricing documentation

  • Local file
  • Master file
  • Country-by-Country report
  • Regional transfer pricing documentation
  • Intra-group financing comparability analysis
  • Intangible property comparability analysis and DEMPE analysis

7.2 Transfer pricing advisory

  • High-level transfer pricing review
  • Transfer pricing due diligence
  • Transfer pricing planning
  • Transfer pricing strategy setting 
  • Value chain alignment

7.3 Transfer pricing dispute mitigation

  • Advance Pricing Agreement
  • Mutual Agreement Procedures

7.4 Transfer pricing dispute resolution

  • Transfer pricing audit defense
  • Litigation and appeal

8.0 Dispute Resolution

  • Handling matters at dispute panel (Joint Appeals Boards and Dispute Resolution Panel) 
  • Attend Customs tribunal matters 
  • Attend GST tribunal matters 
  • Managing post tax assessments matters

Professional Affiliation /Involvement/Accreditation 

  • Past- Chairman of the Budget Commentary published annually by the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA), the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and the Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM) since 1991.
  • Council Member of MICPA and a member of its Tax Practice Committee.
  • Council Member of CTIM and Chairman of its Technical and Public Practice Committee.

Notable Engagement

We have successfully assisted many of our clients to achieve significant tax savings via effective tax plans, specialised tax opinions, optimised corporate structures, efficient use of tax incentives and leveraging on our technical expertise.

Our Service Leaders

Crowe KL Tax Sdn Bhd Foo Meng Huei
Meng Huei Foo
Executive Director
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Crowe KL Tax Sdn Bhd Chong Mun Yew
Mun Yew Chong
Executive Director
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Yew Hoe Poon
Yew Hoe Poon
Managing Partner and Tax Partner
Location: Kuala Lumpur