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Business is already complicated without the peripheral services that take management time and attention. To achieve success, one must remain focused on business activities that directly generate sales and income. Management therefore should consider making a choice to concentrate on the essential and outsource the rest of the business activities to service providers.

Outsourcing is not limited merely to simple data entry or mundane matters. As the business environment becomes more complex and recruiting the right talent becomes difficult, it is necessary to delegate seemingly important matters such as payroll, tax compliance, accounts preparation, secretarial and administrative services to experts who specialize in such activities.

In Crowe, we have a large, specialized team that can take care of your business and outsourcing needs. Our business mantra is to take care of your business services needs while you take care of your clients’ needs. We are flexible in our arrangements, and we can tailor the services to suit your requirements. Our services may be ad hoc or highly organised, temporary, or long term.

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Key considerations for foreign companies intending to set up operations in Malaysia

Malaysia has many advantages for foreign companies intending to exploit the Malaysian market or using Malaysia as the springboard to Asian countries. Not only can many Malaysians communicate in English, Malaysia has the Commonwealth system of law that is familiar to most international business persons. The government is business friendly and is prepared to roll out the red carpet to attract foreign investors. Other advantages of investing in Malaysia are as follows:

  1. Malaysia has a wide range of tax incentives and grants offered to companies.
  2. It has affordable labour and rental costs.
  3. The costs of setting up and maintaining a business in Malaysia is low by international standards.
  4. The requirements for setting up an entity in Malaysia are simple. Companies may be formed with a single shareholder and a single director who ordinarily resides in Malaysia. 
  5. Most businesses are allowed 100% foreign equity. However, licences are required for certain business activities. 
  6. Eligible companies can obtain working permits or visas for their management staff to work in Malaysia.

Why Outsource Your Non-Core Processes?

Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular as the world becomes a global village due to global supply chains and the advanced level of connectivity brought about by video communications, collaborative working software and proliferation of the Internet. Corporates choosing to outsource their operations do so for several reasons. 

Why corporates choose to outsource:

Cost Effectiveness

Outsourcing would help reduce the operating and overhead costs of your company whilst improving cashflows. You free your company from incurring recruitment costs, management time, office overheads and direct staff costs for the outsourced activities.

Focus on Core Business

It enables your company to focus more on the core business / revenue generating activities with your current resources. Your surplus time can be utilised towards more value-added business activities.

Faster and Quality Services

By utilizing specialized staff and modern IT systems, outsourcing can maximise efficiency whilst improving quality. The results are timely and reliable financial reports which are crucial for management decision making. We would ensure that both management and statutory timelines are met and in accordance with current reporting standards.

Access to Pool of Expertise
By working with our firm, you will have access to our experts from different fields, i.e. financial reporting standards, tax advisory, corporate advisory, etc.
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Your trusted business advisor

We provide a comprehensive range of corporate solutions. Our primary focus is to help inward investors and local investors establish themselves in Malaysia by providing company incorporation, corporate secretarial, financial record-keeping and ancillary services required by all businesses. Our aim is to be our client's trusted business advisor by helping them to achieve success through our personalized attention and integrated services that address their evolving needs. In meeting this objective, we have built a suite of services over the years to meet the needs of entrepreneurial businesses and multi-national corporations as they expand in Malaysia. Our services are scalable and can cater to your needs.

Why Choose Us as Your Outsourced Partner?

Our business is focused on enabling you to implement your expansion plans quickly and efficiently. Our aim, supported by our global resource and knowledge base, is to provide you with the peace of mind, knowing that we have made you compliant with all rules and regulations.
Single Point of Contact

Our centralized services work across all countries making it easy for you to stay on top of the issues.


We have deep understanding of the challenges companies face overseas. Your outsourcing task will be handled by our well-trained and experienced team. We would work together with you to ensure that all statutory reporting deliverables are in compliance with the local rules and regulations.

We have what you need and we are glad to assist whenever and wherever you need it.
You focus on your business, we focus on your administration.

Your success is our success. We like to be accessible at all times.


We are committed to closing accounts for management reporting purposes and ensure statutory reporting deadlines are met to avoid any regulatory penalties.


There are no hidden costs. The service fees are only chargeable based on the services you choose. This would lower both your staff cost and capital investments in both hardware and software.

We would deliver a set of timely and reliable financial reports for you and your Company in your decision making process. If needed, we would review these reports together with you.

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