Crowe Malaysia Client Testimonials

Our Clients' Words

Client satisfaction is our highest priority 

Thoughts from Our Clients

YB Dato' Seri Tony Fernandes
[Group CEO, AirAsia Berhad and Founder of Tune Group]

 “Crowe Malaysia PLT took time to understand our needs, both economically and in purpose, before giving us a tremendous value proposition.”


Raja Shamsul Kamal, Senior Partner of Vida Partners
[Former Executive Director of Commerce Asset Ventures Sdn Bhd]

“Over the years, Crowe Malaysia PLT continues to deliver high-quality solution services to Commerce-Ventures Group. Every assignment is handled by a committed team who ensures that the services are rendered expeditiously and cost-effectively within expectations. Thus far, we are pleased to say that it has been a pleasant journey with Crowe.”


Florence Choo
[CEO, Aerofoam Industry (1969) Sdn Bhd]

“Crowe's uniqueness to my company has got to be the dedication and "running that extra mile to reach the finishing line together” that sets them apart. Their human resource employed is professional and well-informed. I have gained handsomely in successfully obtaining a Government Grant through their initiative and encouragement.”


Janet Yeo
[Philanthropist and Advertising Guru, Founder of National Stroke Association of Malaysia and Union Forty-Five, now Publicis Malaysia]

“Thanks for your help and commitment! We know that you have often dropped anything at hand to respond to our SOS calls. Everything I've asked for, (your staff) responded in minutes! We really appreciate all that you've done.” 


Andrew Reddy 
[Managing Director, Chasswood Resources Sdn Bhd]

“I appreciate the highly professional yet personalised service of the team at Crowe Malaysia PLT. Beyond just taking a mere interest in our business and industry, they have this unique ability to go deeper and see things our side. This has enabled them to apply forward thinking many times over and as a result, we were getting the work we want done in a most desired manner. Crowe Malaysia is a very people firm and everyone including the partners is very approachable. We thoroughly enjoy working with them - their friendliness, commitment and sheer dedication to meeting our needs have put them a notch way above others."


Brian Chan
[Chief Financial Officer, Kuantan Flour Mills Sdn Bhd]

“Crowe Malaysia PLT has taken a very strategic approach geared towards realizing long term business success for their clients. This is evident in their review of our company records and operations to identify potential areas for improvement and opportunities. The exacting detail with which they analyzed each segment of our business has given us tremendous confidence in the firm and its expertise. We would strongly recommend Crowe's services to any business organization and we definitely look forward to a long and successful relationship with them"


Lim Sing Peow 
[Chief Financial Officer, Riverstone Holdings Limited]

“Crowe Malaysia PLT's consistent delivery of high quality and value results puts them a grade higher than others. Their people are confident and competent, two critical attributes I treasure. They would always make themselves available when it comes to communication. That is the impression I get of their service level - ever present, ever consistent and timely.”


Dato' Haji Syed Moheeb Kamarulzaman 
[CEO, Takaful Ikhlas Sdn Bhd]

“Crowe Malaysia PLT was awarded a few consultancy jobs by Takaful Ikhlas Sdn Bhd over the last two years. We wish to express that we are satisfied with the work that they have done for us. The commitment and professionalism shown by Crowe towards the completion of project deliverables were commendable and to our satisfaction.”


Puan Nasrein Fazal Sultan 
[Head of Internal Audit, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad]

“I found the team at Crowe Malaysia PLT most pleasant and easy to work with. Our project went smoothly and we were able to gain good and useful insights from the IT governance report they prepared. Besides being well-versed in IT matters, it was the personalised attention and accommodating touches that I found most valuable in Crowe.”