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Building a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is a broader concept that encompasses ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues. Sustainability factors are becoming increasingly important considerations for companies across the world. A growing recognition drives the trend towards Sustainability that companies have a responsibility to operate sustainably and consider their operations' impact on the environment, society, and the broader economy.

One of the key drivers of this growing trend towards Sustainability is the increasing pressure from businesses' key stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, regulators etc. Banks and other financial institutions are also playing an essential role in driving the adoption of Sustainability, with many requiring companies to disclose Sustainability-related information as part of their lending and investment decisions.

Customers also strongly connect with organisations incorporating ESG in their operations and day-to-day activities. This is evidenced in today's customers' purchase patterns and their willingness to pay a premium for socially and environmentally friendly products and services. 

Another important factor driving the trend towards prioritizing Sustainability is the need to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Companies that do not adopt Sustainability practices may find themselves at a disadvantage when facing competition, particularly as consumers become more conscious of the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment and society.

In summary, many companies are embracing sustainability on an increasing trend, and those that do not adopt Sustainability may find themselves on the back foot when facing competition. As such, companies that prioritize Sustainability considerations are likely to be better positioned for long-term success.

Let us assist you in your Sustainability journey.

Our services are:

Sustainability Training

Sustainability training educates individuals on the importance of Sustainability factors in business and investing. It is designed to increase awareness of companies and organizations' impact on the environment and society, and the importance of good governance practices.

The attendees will understand the risks and opportunities associated with Sustainability factors and how they can incorporate Sustainability considerations into their decision-making processes. All this will foster a greater understanding of the importance of Sustainability factors and promote more responsible practices that benefit both companies and society.

Our Sustainability training services include the following:

  1. Training on Sustainability based on globally accepted best practices to identify the risks and opportunities related to ESG, including Sustainability Awareness, Net Zero, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, ESG Risk Assessment, etc.
  2. Training on specific Sustainability issues or on Sustainability updates.
Sustainability Assessment

Sustainability assessment involves evaluating and analyzing the Sustainability factors of a company or organization. These factors are increasingly important to investors, stakeholders, and customers interested in understanding the impact on the companies concerned and how these companies manage sustainability risks and opportunities.

The assessment will include the following:

  • Environmental Assessment: Evaluation of the company's environmental impact, including its carbon footprint, water usage, waste management, and energy efficiency.
  • Social Assessment: Assessment of the company's social impact, including labor practices, community engagement, human rights record and impact on local communities.
  • Governance Assessment: Evaluation of the company's governance structure, policies, and practices, including board composition, executive compensation, shareholder rights and risk management.

Our services on Sustainability Assessment are:

  1. Assessing and measuring the impact that a company or organization has or could have on the economy, environment, and people.
  2. Analyzing the material topics that have the most significant impact.
Materiality Assessment

As prescribed by Bursa Malaysia, materiality assessment is essential for the systematic identification and prioritization of Sustainability matters that are most material to the company and its stakeholders.

We can assist the company in identifying and prioritising the material Sustainability matters to be disclosed in the Annual Sustainability Report.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders include customers, employees, investors, suppliers, regulators, NGOs, and the wider community. Stakeholder engagement in Sustainability is essential to help companies understand the issues that matter most to their stakeholders, improve transparency and accountability, enhance decision-making, and drive innovation and continuous improvement.

We can assist the company in conducting stakeholder engagements via surveys, workshops, etc.

Preparation of a Sustainability Strategic Plan or Sustainability Road Map

A Sustainability Strategic Plan or Road Map provides a roadmap for a company to integrate Sustainability considerations into its overall business strategy. It can help a company to align its Sustainability priorities with its business objectives, identify and manage Sustainability risks and opportunities, and drive sustainable long-term value creation.

Our services for the preparation of a Sustainability Strategic Plan or Road Map include: 

  1. Review the company's Sustainability readiness and address gaps and weaknesses. 
  2. Consider solutions and actions required for prevention, mitigation and remediation.
  3. Preparation of Sustainability Strategic Plan report for circulation to interested parties.
Preparation of Annual Sustainability Report

At present, Sustainability reporting is mandatory for listed issuers. An annual Sustainability report is a document that provides a comprehensive overview of a company's sustainability performance and initiatives over a given period, typically one year. Preparing an annual Sustainability report aims to communicate a company's progress, achievements and challenges related to Sustainability to its stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, regulators, NGOs, and the wider community. It is an essential tool for companies to enhance transparency and accountability, attract and retain investors, meet stakeholder expectations, identify areas for improvement, and drive innovation and best practices.

Our services in the preparation of an Annual Sustainability Report are:

  1. Obtain and collate information to prepare the Annual Sustainability Report, which may include conducting a Materiality Assessment session with the company.
  2. Prepare Annual Sustainability Report in accordance with relevant Sustainability Standards.
Review of Sustainability Report

Sustainability reports may require a review to ensure that the report presented complies with the relevant reporting standards and guidelines. 

Such a review involves assessing the current state of an organisation's sustainability disclosures via the performing of a gap analysis. The frameworks used will be based on regulatory sustainability reporting frameworks applicable locally or internationally e.g the Bursa Malaysia's Sustainability Reporting Framework. Included in this exercise is the review of ESG strategies, roadmap and framework adopted that meet the needs of the report audiences. The review will end with a report and our recommended improvements. 

Consultancy advice for Sustainability matters

Our consultancy advice can help companies to navigate the complex landscape of Sustainability issues and develop strategies that integrate sustainability and responsible business practices into their operations. We bring a range of expertise and experience to the table, including knowledge of environmental and social issues, regulatory requirements, stakeholder engagement, and best practices in Sustainability reporting and disclosure. 

By working with us, companies can benefit from our specialized knowledge and have access to a range of tools, resources and software platforms.

Sustainability Assurance

Sustainability report assurance helps to build trust with stakeholders and investors by enhancing the report’s credibility. Our Sustainability assurance service ensures that the report meets specific standards and that the credibility of any data presented is verifiable. 

Our services in respect of Sustainability assurance are in accordance with the following:-

  1. ISAE 3000 (Revised), Assurance Engagements other than Audits or Review of Historical Financial Information
  2. ISAE 3410 Assurance Engagements on Greenhouse Gas Statements

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