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Corporate Tax Compliance

Companies can be penalized if corporate tax compliance matters are not in order.

Leave your corporate tax compliance affairs to
us. Our tax specialists are able to offer specialized tax advices.
The important tax issues that need to be managed on a day-to-day basis are the tax compliance matters, such as, providing tax estimates to the tax authorities, the filing of tax returns, payment of tax instalments and withholding tax. In this age of growing number of tax rules and more stringent enforcement by the tax authorities, many companies can be caught out and forced to pay unnecessary penalties to the tax authorities without specialised assistance in their tax compliance matters. We are able to not only look after your regular needs but offer specialised tax advice as and when needed. Our clients are from various industries both locally and international. Through our many years of experience, we have garnered the necessary knowledge and skills to meet our clients’ needs with efficiency and effectiveness. 
Corporate Tax Compliance
  • Preparation and filing of corporate tax returns
  • Filing of tax estimates to the tax authorities
  • Review of past tax returns for the purposes of determining compliance risks
  • Advice on tax compliance matters
  • Capital allowances review
  • Assistance on tax audits
  • Applications for tax refunds and tax instalment schemes
  • Liaison with tax authorities and other regulatory bodies on tax issues

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