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Payroll Services

We can prepare the monthly payroll of your company, issue payslips to your employees and organize the payment of net salaries and statutory deductions to the government authorities.

You merely need to review the payroll for accuracy and provide us with the necessary information for our purposes. 

Our professional team comprises experienced Human Resource consultants who are well versed in payroll administration. We help companies to ensure that their payroll activities adhere to the country’s tax obligations and comply with employment legislation. A company’s reputation as a stable employer can be further established by meeting tax obligations on time as well as upholding legislative laws.

With these value-added services below, you will ultimately attract and retain the right pool of talent.

  • Payroll compliance
  • Payroll advisory
  • Payroll briefing
  • Employees Provident Fund (EPF) related matters
  • Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) related matters
  • Human Resources Development Fund (“HRDF”) related matters

Crowe Malaysia is able to offer a global payroll service in collaboration with our Crowe Global firms. Centrally coordinated, we will:

  • arrange for a payroll set-up including registration of the company or notification of a new payroll agent (if applicable) with the statutory bodies in Malaysia
  • process monthly payroll for your local/international employees
  • prepare and submit the employer’s returns and other related statutory forms to the local authorities
  • ensure all local withholding taxes and social security obligations are met
  • pay net salaries to your local/international employees each month, ensuring each employee receives a local payslip each month
  • prepare monthly payroll reports for entry into your general ledger.
  • Handling correspondence with your employees including questions and queries related to payroll
  • Other ad-hoc services (if required):
    • Leave administration;
    • Claim administration;
    • Preparation of customized payroll general ledger;
    • Preparation and submission of employee’s annual income tax return;
    • Services in relation to EPF for expatriates;
    • Re-run of payroll processing after final payroll documents are sent;
  •  In addition, we can wire the withholding taxes and the employer and employee portions of the social security taxes to the local authorities whilst at the same time ensuring that any additional items, such as withdrawal of pension fund contributions, are also taken care of.

Our payroll services are an integrated feature of our turnkey finance and HR solutions and ensure that there are no missed steps as a result of a lack of communication between separate service providers.

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