Doing Business in Vietnam 2020

Doing business in Vietnam

Welcome to “Doing Business in Vietnam” of Crowe Vietnam

Doing Business in Vietnam 2020
This publication is designed to not only provide an Overall and Systematic Vision of the business environment and conditions in Vietnam, but also serve as an Useful Business Portal efficiently connecting you with weblinks of related authorities, organizations, and business partners. Accordingly, you can easily access the detailed and updated data and information of these links right from this publication, instead of costing extra time and effort to search and gather them from different sources. This makes us different, let’s explore us as below.


1. Why invest in Vietnam?

2. Highlight about Vietnam

3. Summary of Foreign Direct Investment

4. Types of business entities

5. Legal environment

6. Investment incentives

7. Taxation

8. Accounting

9. Auditing

10. Human resources

11. Others
  • Technology transfer
  • Holding company stakes
  • Foreign contract
  • Processing activities
  • Industrial zones (“IZ”), economic zone (“EZ”), high-tech zone (“HTZ”) and export processing zones (“EPZ)
  • Land matter
  • Resolution of commercial Disputes

12. Useful link

13. Law in business

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