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There are 5 major industries that span the supply chain which starts from the extractive industries right up to supplying goods and services to the final customer. All raw materials are obtained either from mining or agriculture. These materials are then processed into finished goods via manufacturing. Subsequently, distribution takes place to transport the goods to the final consumer. Along the way, services are added to improve the goods and services and also, provide efficiency.

Using this supply chain as the basis, the 5 major industries in Vietnam are:

1. Mining

2. Agriculture

3. Manufacturing

4. Distribution

5. Services

Within these main categories are sub-categories of activities that reflect the complexity and breadth of Vietnam’s economy. Some sub-categories may have further sub-sub categories which may in turn be escalated to main categories to reflect the size of the industry in Vietnam eg financial services.


For Crowe Vietnam’s consumption: With the above classification, we can search and find any business more easily. Remember in the 21 Century, DATA is the new Oil.