Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

Are you looking for the outsourcing service which helps you to take care of transactions regarding staff’s payroll?

Let’s explore our payroll service hereunder

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Service description

Purposes and deliveries of the service

With this service, we will act as the client’s payroll function which makes sure that the monthly calculation and payment of staff salary is implemented properly, accurately and timely; and the declaration and payment of personal income tax and related insurances is in compliance with the valid laws.

Accordingly, our detailed works are as follow:

  • Monthly, obtain the detailed information regarding staff salary, such as lists of staff, working hours, staff leaves, salary information, overtime hours, bonus decision, labor contracts, …
  • Run the calculation sheet to determine the staff’s net salary amount, personal income tax, insurance expenses, and other deductions.
  • Send the related salary information to the client’s accounting department for bookkeeping purposes
  • Send the monthly payroll sheets to the client’s staff for their information.
  • Send payment information to the client to make payments for staff salary, insurance expenses, union fees, personal income tax. If required by the client, we can make payments on behalf of the client.
  • Complete and submit the tax filings regarding personal income tax of the client’s staff on monthly basis. And at year end, perform the tax finalization for all staff, including expatriates.
  • Complete and submit labor reports to local authorities
  • Support to process the procedures related to staff (Ex: insurance registration, tax-code registration, labor-contract termination, dependent registration, …)
  • Work with insurance agencies to process the related procedures whenever incurring changes in staff (Ex: newly hired or fired staff, staff having a long leave due to maternity or sick, …) or changes in personnel policies.
  • While providing this service, we can help to provide advice on issues regarding labor, insurance, personal income tax, and other related regulations. We can also help the client to prepare labor contracts or review the labor contracts prepared by the client.

Clients consider using this service mainly because of the following benefits:

  • Meet business schedules in urgent cases: Outsourcing may be a feasible choice as outsourcing service providers are likely to have available resources to complete jobs in a timeline required by clients.
  • Help clients to save much of effort and time: depending on business nature, stages and sizes, many companies feel that it costs more effort and time to self-build an in-house department than using outsourcing services. More staff means more effort and time for management activities such as recruiting, training, supervising, developing, assessing, firing. Such effort and time could be more efficient if focused on core business activities.
  • Help clients to save costs: In many cases, outsourcing service fees may be high for each time using the service. However, if compared with the total costs for self-building up and maintaining an in-house department in a fiscal period, outsourcing fees are often lower. The costs usually include salary, bonus, allowance, tax, health & insurance costs, office & tool costs, training costs, and many other related management costs). It will be even much higher if clients have offices across the country or abroad.
  • Help clients feel more secured about job quality: Generally speaking, outsourcing service providers are likely to have personnel with good-enough professional knowledge and experience as they are under more frequent training and practice. For almost companies, training is a hard job and inefficient. Besides, outsourcing service providers often have new ideas and updates as they may learn them from many clients of different industries and categories. Their advice is likely to help clients avoid risks or make the most use of available advantages.
  • Help clients feel more secured about salary confidentiality: Outsourcing service is less risky than in-house department in term of salary confidentiality because it is more independent. Besides, the confidentiality is ensured by the confidentiality agreement signed between the outsourcing -service providers and the client. Therefore, the client does not have to worry about finding reliable persons to take care of salary information.

Why us?

  • Professional Payroll Experts: Our payroll experts have accumulated a wide range of professional knowledge and experience in dealing with payroll issues. We are confident that clients will feel secured with our service quality.
  • Deadline Commitment: We understand that having deliveries well completed as the schedule is always a crucial requirement. Therefore, we strictly monitor the progress and timely solve any issues incurred.
  • Competitive Fees: we always listen to your cost concern and will, together with you, keep it under control. We always try to save costs for clients as much as possible by applying technology in processing data and preparing reports.
  • Service quality: Crowe Vietnam have built up the “Set of Service Standards” and committed to delivering them at the highest level, for more details click here

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