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Is your audit provider delivering the audit value you deserve?

Independent Audit Services are essential to establish credibility and build reputation – critically important assets in a global economy undermined by business scandals on multiple continents. Companies that successfully address audit issues improve the quality of their financial reporting and stand to gain credibility internationally with leading sources of capital.

Given the importance of audit services, many senior executives and audit committees look to Crowe Global member firms for efficient procedures, the value of their work, and personal service. Your organization stands to gain in multiple areas - reputation, insight, service, and cost - by finding experienced auditors who truly value your business.

From the heart of what we do we are committed to delivering high-quality assurance services. We have been appointed as auditor in thousands of audit engagements. In every case, our service is implemented by our deep industry knowledge, wide international experience, and support from the skilled professionals of the global network. 

Let’s find more understanding of independent audit with questions and answers here under.

Service description

Financial Statement Audit
Financial Statement Review
Agree Upon Procedures
Financial Due Diligence
Financial Statement Audit
Financial Statement Review
Agree Upon Procedures
Financial Due Diligence

Why us?

  • International Brand Name: With the Brand Name within the top 10 globally in many years, our audit reports will contribute to building up confidence and trust of your business partners, investors, sponsors, creditors, bankers, authorities, and public.
  • Deadline commitment: We understand that having audited reports well completed as the schedule is always a crucial requirement. Therefore, we strictly monitor the progress and timely solve any issues incurred.
  • Quality of Reports: It is assured by our high commitment of integrity, the qualified professional teams, and the effective quality control system of the International Network. Crowe Vietnam have built up the “Set of Service Standards” and committed to delivering them at the highest level, for more details click here


  • Competitive fees: we always listen to your cost concern and will together with you keep it under control. We always try to save costs for clients as much as possible by optimizing the auditing process, applying technology, increasing automation… 
  • Value-added services: By understanding clients' business through the audit process, we have chances to provide clients with useful recommendations on risks of accounting, tax, compliance, and internal control system. Besides, we regularly offer free updates on regulations and professional analysis reports in the form of e-newsletters, seminars, to name a few. 
  • Confidentiality: we understand how important confidentiality is; therefore, we have developed a well-designed system to maintain our commitment.
  • International network: In the case of Group Audit, you can rely on our global network, having member firms in more than 130 countries.

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