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Doing Business in Vietnam

Welcome to Crowe Vietnam's "Doing Business in Vietnam" online publication.
Doing Business in Vietnam

Our publication is designed to not only provide a comprehensive and systematic picture of all aspects of the business environment and conditions in Vietnam, but also serve as a useful Business Portal that can help connect you effectively with the websites of relevant agencies, organizations and partners. Accordingly, you can easily access the data and detailed information and updates of these entities right from this publication instead of searching and gathering from many different sources. This is our difference, please discover the details below.

(This special publication is presented as a web site for the purposes of updating information more quickly)

Table of contents

1. Why Vietnam? 

2. Society, economy, and stock exchange market of Vietnam

3. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Vietnam 

4. Legal environment and laws in business 

5. Foreign investment procedures and policies 

6. Investment Incentives  

7. Business cost in Vietnam

8. Land Lease and Buy for FDI and Foreigners 

9. List of industrial parks and economic zones in Vietnam and Rent / Buy / Sell commercial properties 

10. List of essential service providers for investors in Vietnam 

11. List of Vietnamese companies categorized by industries

12. Foreign business associations in Vietnam

13. Websites of Vietnamese Government and authorities

14. Tax 

15. Transfer pricing 

16. Accounting 

17. Statutory Auditing 

18. Recruitment and registration for foreign employees 

19. Labor, Payroll, Insurance 

20. Technology transfer

21. Trade dispute

22. Frequent Asked Questions about investment and doing business in Vietnam

23. Living in Vietnam 

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