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About Crowe Vietnam
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About Crowe Vietnam
  1. Where can I study more about Crowe Vietnam?

  2. I want to know more details about Crowe Vietnam's development orientation

  3. What benefits do I have as an employee at Crowe Vietnam? 

  4. What rights do I have as an employee at Crowe Vietnam? 

  5. What specific requirements does Crowe Vietnam require for Employees working at the Company?

  6. Which "Standards" that Crowe Vietnam’s employees need to follow in the process of providing services to customers?

  7. Why should I choose Crowe Vietnam?

  8. What are differences in the working environment at Crowe Vietnam compared to other companies? What are the core values of the the company?

  9. What is Crowe Vietnam's employee training policy?

  10. Does Crowe Vietnam have a sponsorship policy for employees to study international professional certifications such as ACCA, ICAEW, Australian CPA, CMA, CIA, etc.?

  11. Which organizations that Crowe Vietnam is currently a training partner with? Will this support Employees who are working at Crowe Vietnam?

  12. What is the income for the position I am applying for? How fast can I raise my income at Crowe Vietnam?

  13. How will my career path at Crowe Vietnam be?

  14. I want to know more about the professional level at Crowe Vietnam?

  15. What is the requirement for English used at workplace?

  16. Within the benefits and welfares offered by the Company, there is a mention on "flexible workspace", so how is this policy applied and what benefits does it bring to the Company and Employees?

  17. How are affairs / internal procedures handled at Crowe Vietnam?
About recruitment process
  1. How can I get information about recruitment position at Crowe Vietnam? Which positions does Crowe Vietnam usually recruit annually? Does the company have big recruitment programs during the year?

  2. If I have questions about Crowe Vietnam's recruitment program, how should I contact the Company?

  3. How many employees will Crowe Vietnam recruit this year for the position I am applying for?

  4. Crowe Vietnam has posted the recruitment for HCM/Hanoi/Da Nang office. I am currently living in another city/province, can I still apply?

  5. Crowe Vietnam has posted the recruitment for Staff/Interns for the Audit Department at HCM office, do other departments/offices have similar recruitment?

  6. I have not studied for international professional certifications (ACCA, Australia CPA , ICAEW, CMA, CIA, CFA, etc.), is that a disadvantage when applying to Crowe Vietnam? Does the company give preference to those who already have or are studying for these certifications during the application process?

  7. What exams will I have to take when applying at Crowe Vietnam? How many rounds of interviews will I pass through at Crowe Vietnam?

  8. Is English or Vietnamese used at the application/interview round(s) at Crowe Vietnam?

  9. What format is the interview round(s) followed at Crowe Vietnam? Can I participate in an online interview?

  10. In the interview (rounds) at Crowe Vietnam, am I interviewed by Human Resources Department or the Professional Department?

  11. When will I receive my test/interview results? Does it mean that my results are not passed if I do not receive any information after taking the ability test/interview? Does the company send specific results/scores of each round to candidates?

  12. I received a notification from the Company that I am on the waiting list, does that mean I still have a chance to go to the next application round?
About other issues

I had professional experience, so will I receive additional training from the company when I join Crowe Vietnam?

In order to ensure work efficiency and help new employees quickly adapt to the workflow, every new employee working in Crowe Vietnam will always participate in training courses in various forms such as online learning (e-learning), direct training (offline) and on-job training. The period of training will be adjusted on the basis of each case.

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