You need help with data processing from experts so that you can focus on core business issues.
Accounting Services

Your diversified demands

  • The finance functions of your business has not met all your demands,you need specialists who can take you beyond the numbers so that you can focus on your core business
  • You are currently running a start-up business and do not know how to set up accounting system
  • You need a Chief Accountant to supervise your accounting staff
  • You need high-quality reports (management report, group report, IRFS, etc.) within tight deadlines
  • You want to have clear notion of VAS and IFRS and how different they are in comparison to each other
  • You need professional advices on your existing costing method or assistance in setting up cost structure
  • You are in need of proper risk management and internal control so as to achieve your business’ objectives
  • You want to be timely updated on domestic and international legislation changes

Why us?

  • Qualified workforce: our experienced and knowledgeable CPAs will help to promptly identify your problems and provide you with right solutions
  • Competitive fee: we always listen to your cost concern and will together with you keep it under control
  • Smooth process: we simplify complicated things and always strive for innovation
  • Value-added services: besides core service values, we bring added value to clients through practical advices on your matters of concern, free updates on regulations in form of e-newsletters, seminars, to name a few
  • International network: if you need cross-border transactions, you can rely on our international network
  • Confidentiality: we understand how important the confidentiality is, therefore we have developed a well-designed system in order to maintain our commitment

Our tailored services

We understand the complete range of accounting services that clients require. We deliver these in a timely and effective manner, in line with client’s advised deadlines. Our Accounting services include:

  • Initial setup of accounting system
  • Bookkeeping
  • Chief Accountant services
  • Preparation of financial reports under VAS/IFRS
  • Preparation of Group Reporting Package
  • Preparation of managerial accounting report
  • Accounting process advisory
  • Accounting retainer advisory
  • Costing method review and advisory
  • Internal control system design and advisory