Is your business truly tax efficient
Your Diversified Demands
  • You want a full service package for tax compliance
  • You want to meet the tax deadlines
  • You want to ease your tax burdens
  • You want to be timely updated on tax regulations and hot tax issues in the market
  • You want your organization’s tax obligation and tax risks are independently checked for your security
  • Your organization is about to go through a tax inspection by local tax authority and you want us to pre-check and advise you
  • You are facing a tax issue and need to hear tax expert’s opinion
  • You are having cross-border transactions implying tax issues

Why us?

  • Qualified workforce: our experienced and knowledgeable tax experts will help to promptly identify your problems and provide you with right solutions
  • Competitive fee: we always listen to your cost concern and will together with you keep it under control
  • Smooth process: we simplify complicated things and always strive for innovation
  • Value-added services: besides core service values, we bring added value to clients through practical advices on matters of concern, free updates on regulations in form of e-newsletters, seminars, to name a few
  • International network: if you need cross-border transactions, you can rely on our international network
  • Confidentiality: we understand how important the confidentiality is, therefore we have developed a well-designed system in order to maintain our commitment

Tax Compliance Assistance

  • Tax code registrations, and related registrations
  • VAT invoice customization and registration/notification
  • Monthly filling for Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, and Value Added Tax
  • Finalization of Personal Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax
  • Registration, declaration, and finalization for Foreign Contractor Tax (“Withholding Tax”)
  • Assistance in claiming tax refunds/offsets

Tax Review

  • Pre-tax audit review
  • Regular/quarterly tax reviews
  • Tax due diligence or agreed-upon-procedures reviews
  • Representation at tax audit or support to deal with issues raised by local tax authority.
  • Review tax audit minutes to advice on remedial actions

Tax Advisory

  • Tax retainer advisory
  • Tax structuring and planning for transactions and investments
  • Advice on tax incentives and tax concessions
  • Claims or application for double tax treaty relief/credit
  • Review contractual documents to minimize tax risks

Tax Ruling and Appeal

  • Support tax ruling services (tax incentives or special/favorable tax treatment)
  • Support tax appeals against decisions of the tax authorities on tax collections or penalties
Transfer Pricing
  • Full Transfer Pricing documentation
  • Review and Analysis of Transfer Pricing risks and opportunities
  • Transfer Pricing benchmarking study
  • Transfer Pricing audit defense