Personal Income Tax Calculation Tool

Personal income tax PIT tool
  • You are a foreigner in Vietnam with incomes from Vietnam and/or outside Vietnam, you also receive supports from employers such as house rent, children school fees, travelling, recreation… And you want to know how much you might be taxed in Vietnam?
  • You are a foreign investor, and you want to estimate the total expenses for personnel working in Vietnam?
  • You are an accountant, and you want to check whether your PIT formulars are correct? especially for foreign expats with complicated income features and structures such as: incomes both from Vietnam and outside Vietnam which might be Gross or Net based, and diversified supports including house rent, children school fees, travelling, recreation… 
  • Income from salaries and wages received from one or more of other individuals or organizations, income from a large amount of year-end bonus…
  • Income from online business activities such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Google…
  • Income from traditional business activities
  • Income from leasing properties, real estate broker activities
  • Income from capital investment such as interests, dividends…
  • Income from profits distributed from capital contribution
  • Income from capital transfer
  • Income from transfer of Real Estate
  • Income from Won Prizes, Inheritances, Gifts, Copyright, Commercial Franchising

Let’s apply our PIT Tool below:

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  • Use on laptops/desktops (instead of mobile phones) to ensure the contents are on full display and related functions operate correctly.
  • The tool is always adjusted in line with the most updated regulations, therefore, there might be some mismatches if you want to apply the tool for data of the previous time.
  • The tool provides spreadsheet presenting in detail the total incomes and how the tax amount is calculated. This file can be emailed to you at your request. 
  • We commit not to save your personal information.
  • If you just want to quickly convert between Net/ Gross salary, please visit here: 
Net gross conversion

Personal income tax (“PIT”) is a direct tax imposed on the income of individuals living, working, and doing business in the territory of Vietnam. To understand how to declare and finalize tax or to understand other contents relating to PIT, please click the according subjects below:

  1. Taxable Incomes
  2. Tax-exempted Incomes
  3. Determination of “resident individual” and “non-resident individual
  4. Basis for tax calculation and tax rate
  5. Tax declaration and payment
  6. Tax finalization
  7. Tax refund
  8. Instructions for tax declaration and tax payment
  9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Personal Income Tax (PIT)
  10. Regulations and FAQs about personnel expenses at Vietnam
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