Crowe Vietnam's service standards

Always goes beyond the norm

In Crowe Vietnam, we have built up the “Set of Service Standards” and committed to delivering them at the highest level:

1. High quality of expertise: Our services are always handled by highly knowledgeable and experienced experts to ensure our products (reports / recommendations / advice) delivered to clients always accurate, professional and valuable to clients.

2. Deadline-oriented: We are highly committed to clients’ schedules. The work progress is always closely monitored and timely informed to clients.

3. Prompt Response: All contacts and requests from clients will be responded immediately or within 24 hours.

4. Confidential: Protecting the confidentiality of clients’ information is, in any case, one of our top priorities.

5. Integrity adherent: We uphold the integrity in all cases, strictly comply with the professional codes of ethics in both nature and appearance.

6. Supportive: We are always willing to support clients to our best and in any case.

7. Easy and Convenient: We always strive to deliver the services in the way that make clients feel easy and convenient.

8. Friendly and Professional: We always make clients feel comfortable for our friendliness and trusting because of our professionalism in communication.

9. Value-added: In the process of providing services, we always try our best to provide recommendations / advice to help clients improve their system, minimize risks, or take advantages of business opportunities.

10. Multi-language: Clients can always feel easy in communicating with us in their languages (Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese).