about Crowe's program for graduates

1. How is the training process for new employees at Crowe Vietnam?

From 1 to 2 months before starting work and extending to the first months of working, you will be fully trained in all aspects (understanding of culture - working environment, professional knowledge, soft skills appropriate to the level) for your best working at the Company. In order to get the best training results and create favorable conditions for students to study, the training is organized in various forms such as online training (e-learning), direct training (offline), on-job training. In particular, you can actively arrange your study time to best suit your personal situation with online learning.

2. I have not received my university degree yet, can I apply for the position of Full-time Officer at Crowe Vietnam?

The company does not consider a university degree as a mandatory condition when sorting candidates, you can absolutely confident to apply. You can add these documents later, following the Recruitment Department’s instruction.

3. How should I prepare to get the best result in the knowledge test at Crowe Vietnam?

In order to achieve the best results in our recruitment rounds, candidates should work hard and spend a lot of time to comprehensively review the specialized knowledge trained at the school, especially the unmastered knowledge and skills. In addition, psychological stability and confidence are also necessary factors for you to show your best ability and potential in the application rounds.

For the knowledge test, candidates can always experience first with "Sample Tests" on Crowe Vietnam's website.

We also hope that every candidate applying in Crowe Vietnam always presents honestly and frankly instead of trying to ingratiate or impress the employer. This honesty and frankness will help you finding the suitable environment.