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about Crowe's Internship program

1. What is the training process for interns at Crowe Vietnam Auditing Department? 

In the spirit of considering the Intern as an official employee of the audit team, Crowe Vietnam has invested a lot of time, effort and finance to design a training program specifically for the Interns. During the period from 1 to 2 months before starting work, the Interns will be fully trained in all aspects (professional knowledge, skills) to be able to meet the job requirements. In order to get the best training results and create favorable conditions for them to study, the training is organized in various forms such as online learning (e-learning), direct training (offline), and and on-job training. Especially, Interns can fully arrange their training time and work at the University with online learning.

2.  I would like to apply for the Intern position at Crowe Vietnam. After finishing the internship, I will need to submit the Internship Report to the School, so will Crowe Vietnam support me in this matter?

As always mentioned in the Recruitment Notice for Intern position, Crowe Vietnam is willing to assist Interns in completing the Internship Report at the school in many forms (providing information, documents, content advice and presentation form). However, the support will need to ensure the requirements of Information Security and not affect the overall work progress.

3.  I have not completed my studies at the University and still need to attend school several times a week, can I apply for the position of Intern in the Auditing Department?

At the Audit Department, the Intern will work as a official employee, which means participating in the full-time fieldwork (6-7 days/week). Therefore, if you often need to present at school, you should reconsider your decision to apply. 

4. Does Crowe Vietnam pay for the Intern position?

As always mentioned in the Recruitment Notices for Intern positions, Crowe Vietnam always has an appropriate income payment policy for Interns. However, this policy may change every year depending on the Company situation and Head of Department’s decision. Candidates can always ask more detailed about this policy during the interview process.

5. How long is the Internship period?

Usually, the internship period lasts about 3-4 months. However, this time may change depending on the agreement between the Company and each Intern.

6. After completing my internship at Crowe Vietnam, is there a chance for me to become a full-time employee? How many Interns will the company retain to become full-time employees?

As always mentioned in the Recruitment Notices for the Intern position, Crowe Vietnam always has a policy of retaining Interns to become a full-time employee. However, the number of retained Interns will vary according to that Department’s demands from time to time and according to the Company's assessment on the suitability of each such Intern. 

7. Can I take part in an internship in one Department and then transfer to a full-time employee of another Department? Do I need to reapply again in that Department?

The recruitment is conducted independently at each Department. So you will generally need to reapply from the beginning at the Department you are interested in. In a few cases, the Company has the flexibility according to the agreement between the Heads of Departments. You should proactively confirm with the Recruitment Department through Facebook fanpage Crowe Vietnam Careers to ensure accurate information. The Recruitment Department will respond to you as soon as possible.

8. What do I need to prepare before each application round at Crowe Vietnam?

In order to achieve the best results in our recruitment rounds, candidates should work hard and spend a lot of time to comprehensively review the specialized knowledge trained at the school, especially the unmastered knowledge and skills. Besides, psychological stability and confidence are also necessary factors for you to show your best ability and potential in the application rounds.

For the knowledge test, candidates can always experience first with "Sample Tests" on Crowe Vietnam's website.

We also hope that every candidate applying in Crowe Vietnam always presents honestly and frankly instead of trying to ingratiate or impress the employer. This honesty and frankness will help you finding the suitable environment.