about Crowe's recruitment process

1. How can I get information about recruitment position at Crowe Vietnam? Which positions does Crowe Vietnam usually recruit annually? Does the company have big recruitment programs during the year?

You can always find updated information about Crowe Vietnam's programs/vacancy in the following ways:

  • Sign up to receive updates from Crowe Vietnam at this page
  • Follow Facebook fanpage "Crowe Vietnam Careers"
  • Follow the company's official website at crowe.vn

2. If I have questions about Crowe Vietnam's recruitment program, how should I contact the Company?

You can choose one of the following ways:

Our recruitment department will response to you soon.

3. How many employees will Crowe Vietnam recruit this year for the position I am applying for?

The number of employees for each position will not be completely fixed, but may change every year, depending on the Company demands and the candidates’ quality of each recruitment period.

4. Crowe Vietnam has posted the recruitment for HCM/Hanoi/Da Nang office. I am currently living in another city/province, can I still apply?

The company does not consider the candidate's residence as an important condition when recruiting. So if you are qualified for that position, you can always apply.

5. Crowe Vietnam has posted the recruitment for Staff/Interns for the Audit Department at HCM office, do other departments/offices have similar recruitment?

Recruitment Information of the Department and the office is always stated in the official recruitment notice of that position and posted on the official communication channels, website crowe.vn and

Facebook fanpage "Crowe Vietnam Careers". If you can not find recruitment information of the Department that you are interested in on these 2 channels, it means that the Department is not recruited.

You can always find updated information about Crowe Vietnam's programs/vacancy in the following ways:

6. I have not studied for international professional certifications (ACCA, Australia CPA , ICAEW, CMA, CIA, CFA, etc.), is that a disadvantage when applying to Crowe Vietnam? Does the company give preference to those who already have or are studying for these certifications during the application process?

For positions in the Specialized Departments (Audit Department, Consulting Department), we prefer to choose candidates who are studying / possessed the international professional certificate(s) but not as a prerequisite. You can be totally confident to apply for the position(s) that is suitable for you.

7. What exams will I have to take when applying at Crowe Vietnam? How many rounds of interviews will I pass through at Crowe Vietnam?

The content and method of the interview rounds are always presented on our website at Crowe Vietnam's Recruitment page. You can go to the recruitment part that is suitable for you (Interns / Fresh Graduates / Experienced candidates) and find the corresponding recruitment.

8. Is English or Vietnamese used at the application/interview round(s) at Crowe Vietnam?

The language used in application rounds may vary depending on the job description of vacancy. But normally, each application round is conducted in both English and Vietnamese. Therefore, you should prepare carefully for your foreign language skills to achieve the best results.

9. What format is the interview round(s) followed at Crowe Vietnam? Can I participate in an online interview?

The interview round(s) at Crowe Vietnam are conducted in a variety of formats and can be flexibly changed according to each recruitment period, including the following forms: group interview/individual interview, online interview/direct interview at the office. For the personal interview form, the Company is willing to organize online interviews to create favorable conditions for candidates. However, this can be applied differently per position or recruitment period. Therefore, you should proactively confirm with the Recruitment Department through Facebook fanpage "Crowe Vietnam Careers" to ensure accurate information. The Recruitment Department will respond to you as soon as possible.

10. In the interview (rounds) at Crowe Vietnam, am I interviewed by Human Resources Department or the Professional Department?

The person in charge of the interview may be different for each position / recruitment period. Therefore, to ensure accurate information, you should proactively confirm with the Recruitment Department via Facebook fanpage "Crowe Vietnam Careers". The Recruitment Department will respond to you as soon as possible.

11. When will I receive my test/interview results? Does it mean that my results are not passed if I do not receive any information after taking the ability test/interview? Does the company send specific results/scores of each round to candidates?

For large recruitment programs (Interns and Official Newly Graduated employees), the specific schedule of each application round as well as the result announcement will be stated in the Official Recruitment Notice posted on the website crowe.vn and Facebook fanpage "Crowe Vietnam Careers".

For other vacancies, candidates will receive each application round’s results from 1 to 30 days from the participation date in that application round. After the above time, you should talk to the Recruitment Department again if you still have not received any information as there may have been mistake in result announcement. You can contact the Recruitment Department through the Facebook fanpage "Crowe Vietnam Careers". Our recruitment department will get back to you shortly.

According to the Company’s general policy, the results of each application round will be sent to the candidate with the general results (about whether the candidate is suitable to continue the recruitment process with the Company), but not including detailed results, scores or specific comments.

Please note that in case that you receive a result of not being able to continue to participate in the recruitment program, this does not completely mean that you are not suitable for us, it’s also because we have limited on the number of candidates for each position, so it is not possible to invite you to continue to participate in the next recruitment rounds.

12. I received a notification from the Company that I am on the waiting list, does that mean I still have a chance to go to the next application round?

The candidates 'ability to continue next interview on the waiting list will be specified in the announcing email of the Recruitment Department. In general, the Company will consider inviting these waiting list candidates to continue the recruitment process if there are changes on the personnel demand of that position.