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about Crowe's working environment

1. Where can I study more about Crowe Vietnam?

You can search for a lot of information about Crowe Vietnam our the official website crowe.vn and fanpage "Crowe Vietnam Careers", you can find not only information about Crowe Vietnam but also information about Crowe Global network on these channels.

2. I want to know more details about Crowe Vietnam's development orientation

In the long term, the Company is aiming to develop with the following vision:

  • Participate in the economy’s value chain and provide the various professional services related to Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Consulting (Management and Business) with the aim of high quality with reasonable fees.
  • With the aim of building an organization that creates maximum conditions for employees to develop professional knowledge, skills, qualities, income and career. Because employee’s development is the foundation for services’ quality provided to customers and the Company development in the future.
  • With the aim of building an organization with the: (1) efficient, flexibly changeable to the changes and new trends to always ensure competitiveness and position in the market, (2) “Creative – Smart – Unique” to make customers always feel impressed when using the service. 
  • Actively update and apply technological advances to continuously improve management efficiency and bring better experiences for employees, partners and customers.
  • With the aim of increasingly expanding the scale in all aspects (employees, customers, partners, type of services) to meet the development demands of the economy and customers, but always on the basis of assurance sustainability and interests harmonization among related parties. 

3. What benefits do I have as an employee at Crowe Vietnam? 

You can enjoy the benefits and welfares of each hiring position mentioned briefly in the position's official vacancy announcement. This notice is posted on the official communication channels, website crowe.vn and fanpage "Crowe Vietnam Careers" before each recruitment period.

These benefits and welfares are mentioned in detail in the “Employee Policy” Documents prepared by the Company, including the sections “Benefits for Employee”, “Employee Rights” and “Company's Requirements” for the Employee". In which, “benefits and welfares” will include the following main items: 

  • Employment and Income
  • Opportunities for personal and career development 
  • Training support policy
  • Working environment: kindness - openness - discipline - professionalism
  • Entertainment activities outside of work
  • Flexible working space and time
  • Holiday policy on during the year
  • Insurance policy
  • Annual health check program
  • Supporting Form when Employees have personal or difficult issues.

The above documents are prepared in the spirit of ensuring the Employees’ requirements in order to ensure the provisions of the law in accordance with labor market practices and reflect the core values that the Company has established (kindness - openness - discipline - professionalism).

New employees of the Company will be guided and trained to understand these policies for their good work at the Company. 

4. What rights do I have as an employee at Crowe Vietnam? 

The “Employee Rights” are set forth in the Company's Internal Policy, including the following rights:

(1) The right to be informed and answer questions about the internal regulations (policies, procedures, guidelines) of the Company

  • Employees are fully and timely informed about internal regulations and updates, if any;
  • Employees can request the Company to clarify issues and questions about internal regulations.

(2) The right to propose personal recommendations and opinions

Employees have the right to express their opinions/recommendations on all matters related to the Company and Employees, such as:

  • Internal regulations (policies, procedures, guidelines)
  • The issue of compliance with the law and ethical standards in general, working ethics standards in particular of the Company 
  • Methods, forms, and processes for supplying services/products to customers
  • Quality of services/products that the Company provides to customers 
  • Company's development strategy
  • Working quality and working style of managers 
  • Behavior of managers or colleagues
  • Culture, working environment in general
  • Desire of adjusting the income/level when comparing with the ability and contribution level to the actual situation of the Company.  
  • Business ideas, initiatives

(3) The right to present and ask for support when facing difficult issues affecting work 

Employees and the Company understand that difficult issues at work or in life are not avoidable such as professional issues (professional capacity, working handling) or personal issues (health, family circumstances, conflicts in relationships with management or colleagues).

The Company encourages the spirit of each Employee's efforts to overcome difficulties, and at the same time encourages Employees to exercise their right to present difficulties and ask the Company for support and don’t let the difficulties affect the quality of work of individuals and groups. 

When receiving a request for support from an Employee, the Company is responsible for reviewing, considering and implementing the necessary support or handling options.

(4) The right to exchange opinions and personal views on expertise in the working group

Professional issues mentioned here are understood as issues encountered right in the process of handling work for a specific contract, not general specialized knowledge issues.

According to the order, the Employee will discuss with the direct assignor/direct team leader. If the Employee finds that the response is delayed, affects the work results, or the communication results are not satisfactory, he has the right to discuss with a higher management level in his or her team. If the response of this higher level of management is still not satisfactory, the Employee has the right to raise his opinion to the Head of Department.

Expressing opinions is done in many ways such as face-to-face exchange, email, personal exchange or in collective meetings.

However, this point of view needs to ensure information security requirements and is based on the purpose of ensuring work efficiency.

(5) The right to propose to participate in projects and jobs different from the current job

In addition to the currently assigned tasks, Employees have the right to express their wishes about participating in other projects and jobs. This project/work can be organized by the Company or actively proposed by the Employee.

Participation in the other projects and tasks is only done if it is confirmed by the Head of Department that it does not negatively affect the Employee's current work, other Employees or the general work of the Company or department.

(6) The right to propose to change the job position to another department or change the working office.

Although the Company is proactive in arranging the Employee's job position to suit the Employee's capacity and the Company's operation situation in each period, however, Employees have the right to propose their wishes about changing the department/ office to the Head of Department (directly or by email) depending on their circumstances, desires and development orientation. Head of Department will review and discuss with other Heads of Departments/Offices and response to Employees.

5. What specific requirements does Crowe Vietnam require for Employees working at the Company?

In addition to the requirements on complying with the law and “Labor Regulations” in general in order to ensure the working quality, maintain a healthy working environment and ensure the common interests of everyone, Crowe Vietnam’s Employees needs to comply with the following requirements: 

(1) Ensure the general principles of attitude and work handling, including:

  • Responsibility
  • Working with enthusiasm and a focus attitude
  • Promptly response when assigned work
  • Strictly comply with the process, methods and instructions for handling professional work (issued by the Company/Department and/or Professional Regulations)
  • Ensure documents and working papers are presented appropriately, fully and carefully stored in accordance with regulations
  • Be honest when making mistakes
  • Be proactive at work
  • Openness and frankness at work
  • Handle the work quickly, on time, decisively without delay 
  • Timely report the progress 
  • Information security
  • Good cooperation with colleagues
  • Awareness of risk/accident prevention when working for yourself and colleagues

(2) Ensure the “Standards for services providing to customers/partners” (“Service Personality”):

Below are the "Standards for services providing to customers/partners" ("Service Personality") in order to make the Company's difference in the market as well as customers/partners really impressed on the working way, therefore they always want to choose the Company's services and want to recommend to other customers/partners. 

Therefore, the Company requires everyone to clearly understand and demonstrate the following service personalities in the process of contacting and/or providing services to customers/partners:

1. Prompt Response: always do promptly response to emails, phone calls of customers / partners in all cases.

2. Precise: always ensure the accuracy of reports/data/information sent to customers/partners in all cases

3. Deadline-oriented: always ensure commitments on work progress

4. Knowledgeable and Skillful: always ensure deep professional knowledge and appropriate skills to handle work effectively in terms of time and effort, making customers / partners work satisfied and appreciated.

5. Supportive: always enthusiastic to support and cooperate with customers / partners when required, especially when customers / partners contact us for help or support.

6. Easy and Convenient: always make customers/partners feel easy and convenient in work processes, always prevent the most difficult cases/misunderstandings for customers. 

7. Friendly and Professional: always make customers / partners feel comfortable and trust with the friendliness and the professionalism in communication.

8. Value-added: always try to get useful recommendations and updates for customers/partners

9. Confidentiality: always pay attention to the confidentiality of customer/partner's information in all cases, always carry out all procedures required by the Company to help protect customers' information / partner.

10. Integrity: always maintain integrity in all cases and comply with regulations on professional ethics in words and actions.

11. Multi-lingual: Use foreign languages (at least English) fluently and confidently in meetings, transaction, discuss with customer/partner and documents. 

(3) Continuously maintain professional qualifications (including Professional Ethics) to meet job requirements.

(4) It’s required on international qualifications/professional certifications (for some senior positions)

(5) Comply with internal regulations and maintain the working environment 

(6) Professional costumes, appearance and manners 

(7) Maintain hygiene and workspace 

(8) Maintain the company's reputation and image 

(9) Take care of yourself and your colleagues' health 

(10) Ensure occupational safety and security at the workplace 

(11) Leaving work with responsibility

6. Which "Standards" that Crowe Vietnam’s employees need to follow in the process of providing services to customers?

At Crowe Vietnam, we establish a “Standards for Customer Service” and ensure that these standards are always complied at the highest level. These standards are presented here.

Candidates applying to Crowe Vietnam should have the qualities suitable with the above-mentioned standards. In addition, Employees will be regularly trained, tested, evaluated and response to further improve the necessary qualities, knowledge and skills related to the standards during working at Crowe Vietnam.

7. Why should I choose Crowe Vietnam?

Crowe Vietnam believes that we can be the right choice for your career development journey based on the following factors:

  • Crowe in Vietnam is a full-time member of Crowe Global, a global brand that is regularly in the Top 10 of the worlds and the Asia Pacific region (according to IAB World Survey 2021)
  • Crowe in Vietnam is an certified training partner of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), A Certified Practising Accountant (Australia CPA ) and Chartered Accountants Australia và New Zealand (CA ANZ).
  • Competitive income (including salary; performance bonus; Bonus for useful and effective efforts or ideas; overtime income; travelling fees and allowances; other allowances).
  • Flexible working space policy (depending on the office)    
  • Company Culture: kindness - openness - discipline - professionalism
  • Working environment: capability, English, Friendly, Dynamic, Young, Healthy 
  • Intensive training and guidance program (online learning, online training, on-job instruction)
  • Opportunity to be funded to study for international certifications such as ACCA, Australia CPA , ICAEW, CIA, CMA.
  • Opportunity to work in different projects, industries, offices and departments to gain experience and develop career. 
  • Entertainment activities: daily break time with snacks; music, karaoke & video games in the office; sports & outdoor activities; picnic and travel with the company

8. What are differences in the working environment at Crowe Vietnam compared to other companies? What are the core values of the the company?

Crowe Vietnam always tries to enhance the working environment in supporting way for employees to have a long-term working and development with the Company.

We understand that the working environment at the Company is built on the relationship between the Company and the Employees and among the Employees. We also understand that a good and suitable working environment will have a great impact on the psychology, mind and motivation of Employees. Accordingly, the Company has been and will invest a lot of effort and finance to build and maintain a good working environment with the core values of Kindness - Openness - Discipline - Professionalism. In particular, we especially appreciate "kindness" in the working environment, with specific expressions as follows:

(1) On the Company's side to Employees: The Company strives to bring benefits to Employees both policy and actual activities, such as:

  • Care and support (“CARING”) Employees in work and life
  • SHARING with Employees on knowledge, work, resources, income from business results 
  • INVESTING for GROWING of Employees in order to help Employees develop together with the Company 
  • Building a working environment that helps employees find meaning and joy in work as well as inspiration in work     
  • Think and behave responsibly towards Employees      
  • No discrimination on gender, religion, political opinion, ethnicity, skin color, background 
  • Build and maintain a happy, peaceful and friendly working atmosphere 
  • Develop and maintain the following management/leadership styles:

+ Appreciating the convincing and discussing way instead of imposing and commanding 

+ Trusting and empowering instead of doubting and embracing work 

+ Sharing knowledge and experience instead of hiding

+ Caring and supporting instead of leaving employees handle difficulties on their own

+ Willing to take responsibility instead of blaming Employees 

+ Being a model instead of just using words

+ Fair and harmonious instead of not biased

(2) On the Employee's side to the Company: Employees always work responsibly towards the Company and respect as well as comply with internal policies and guidelines.

(3) In the relationship between employees and management and among employees: each person maintains a kind behavior that reflects in the following aspects:

  • Respecting and cooperating
  • Caring and supporting colleagues at work and in daily life
  • Sharing knowledge, experience and skills
  • Acting honestly, sincerely and responsibly with each other
  • Civilized, polite, gentle, friendly in communication and behavior

(4) In addition, the Company uses many measures to prevent, detect and eliminate negative behaviors harming to the Company and other persons, such as:

  • Making stories / lying / talking badly about others to make misunderstanding on customers, the Company or colleagues,
  • Intentionally trying to make the Company’s Client to terminate the contract or not continue to sign the contract with the Company;
  • Intentionally harming the interests of the Client, the Company, the Company's Employees
  • Seducing the Company's employees to quit at the Company
  • Abusing Company policies for their own benefits
  • Managing and operating in the unfair, biased or oppressive way, showing superiority, lack of trust.
  • Causing disunity or internal fighting.
  • Being jealousy, envying each other.
  • Using bad words to colleagues/customers/partners as well as shouting loudly, rudely
  • Harassing/annoying colleagues verbally or physically, have physically harassment with colleagues;
  • Having complicated personal relationships or affecting colleagues/customers/partners
  • Being selfish, self-interested, only interested in personal interests without caring about others or bullying, making pressure to others
  • Ignoring to the feelings and circumstances of colleagues/customers/partners
  • Influencing co-workers/clients/other partners with personal habits or lifestyle (eg smoking at work or in public, use of alcohol/stimulants or at workplace) 
  • And other negative acts harming the Company and colleagues/customers/partners.

Violations will be punished according to the Company's regulations, depending on the severity.

9. What is Crowe Vietnam's employee training policy?

There are two training policies at Crowe Vietnam: mandatory training policy and training policy from Employees’ support request. 

For the compulsory training policy, each employee level is applied a training program specifically designed with appropriate knowledge and skills to meet the job requirement. Training forms are conducted in a variety of methods, including online training (e-learning), direct training (offline), on-job training.

This method is currently applied in the Audit Department, and will gradually be applied in other departments. To implement this policy, the Company has been investing a lot of budget and effort in training support software as well as training programs and materials.

In addition to the above compulsory training policy, the Company will organize corresponding training courses depending on the support request from the Employees such as internal training organized by the Company, workshops, seminars, short-term professional courses organized by other units or long-term training programs for specialized certificates related to the services provided by the Company (such as CPA Vietnam, ACCA, Australia CPA, ICAEW, CIA, CMA, ect.)" 

10. Does Crowe Vietnam have a sponsorship policy for employees to study international professional certifications such as ACCA, ICAEW, Australian CPA, CMA, CIA, etc.?

Since establishment and operation, Crowe Vietnam has maintained the funding policy in many aspects (costs, procedures, study and exam term) to support Employees study professional certification such as ACCA, ICAEW, Australia CPA , CMA, CIA, etc.

However, this policy may be applied differently from year to year and for each specialized division at the Department Heads’ requirement.

This support policy is aimed to facilitate and encourage Employees to develop their personal careers and it is not compulsory required for Employees to meet job requirements.

11. Which organizations that Crowe Vietnam is currently a training partner with? Will this support Employees who are working at Crowe Vietnam?

Crowe Vietnam is currently a training partner of ACCA, Australia CPA and ICAEW, that shows the Company's Employee policies, procedures and training programs have been recognized by these prestigious professional organizations.

Accordingly, Employees working at Crowe Vietnam will be entitled the following benefits:

  • Employees can reduce time and effort to achieve the above-mentioned international certifications. The employee’s work experience at Crowe Vietnam is recognized by these organizations when considering course/subject exemptions and certifications.
  • Employees are increasingly enhancing their professional knowledge and other skills through participating refresh training programs / activities organized by above organizations.

12. What is the income for the position I am applying for? How fast can I raise my income at Crowe Vietnam?

According to the general policy of the Company, each position’s income is confidential information and will be discussed in detail during the interview process.

However, we can provide you with the following information about the structure and basis of income determination at Crowe Vietnam:

The Employee’s Income Structure includes the following items (each item may apply differently depending on departmental policy):

  • Salary;
  • Bonuses (*)
  • Salary allowance;
  • Other supplements;
  • Other policies and benefits;
  • Overtime income.

(*) The above bonuses include: “Performance Bonus” and “Bonus for contributions of effort or useful and effective ideas”.

- "Performance bonus" is implemented on the principle of sharing and redistributing each division’s profit to its personnel at the end of the financial year, it is determined based on achievements/work performances of the Employee after the Human Resource‘s Evaluation and other relevant factors.

- “Bonus for useful and effective contributions of effort or ideas” is applied for Employees who have outstanding and positive contributions outside of their assigned work by professional position such as successfully recommending candidates for the recruitment department; contributing to the work renovation (methods, processes, forms, method of supply services to customers) with the aim of improving quality, work performance and customer satisfaction; contributing to the improvement of internal policies, culture - working environment or anyone who have a long working time with the Company (5 years, 10 years, etc.).

The above-mentioned incomes are determined based on the following factors: complying with the provisions of the law, suitability with professional positions and/or management positions of employees in each department, suitability with Company’s Income statement, suitability with the annual Human Resource’s Assessment results, suitability with the Company's development strategy in each period and suitability with with the general situation of the labor market and the economy. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Company will consider to adjust the Employee's income policy to ensure the above factors.  

Detailed information on the above content can be found in the Crowe Vietnam Employee’s Policy Document. New employees will be instructed and trained to understand these policies for well performance at the Company.

About increasing your income when working at Crowe Vietnam, it will usually be applied in the following ways:

  • You are trying to accumulate knowledge, skills, experience, professional certifications/degree so that you can be appointed to professional or higher management positions.
  • You are looking for the method to improve your work efficiency so that you can handle more work in less time. This will help increasing your “Performance Bonus” at the end of the financial year.
  • You are striving to have as many “useful and effective efforts or ideas” to receive bonuses for these ideas, as mentioned bonuses in the income structure. 
  • The above efforts of the Employees will always be recognized by the Company and applied appropriate income policies.
  • You have contributed in introducing and developing customers for the Company.

The above efforts of the Employees will always be recognized by the Company and applied appropriate income policies.

13. How will my career path at Crowe Vietnam be?

At Crowe Vietnam, we always try to create the best conditions for Employees to develop their careers in accordance with their capabilities. Accordingly, it can be said that the promotion of an Employee is not mandatory based on age or working experience, but mainly based on Employees’ the ability to meet the job requirements in a higher professional position.

Employees’ promotion will be applied through Human Resource’s annual assessment. This process is developed to assess the Employee's capabilities (including performance and working skills), in which Employees can see their strong points as well as weak points to set up personal and career development plan at the Company. The implementation process is mentioned in the “Employee Policy” and may vary across departments.

14. I want to know more about the professional level at Crowe Vietnam?

In specialized departments (which provides services to customers) such as Auditing or Consulting Department, the professional level is organized as follows:

  • Director 
  • Senior Manager 
  • Manager 
  • Assistant Manager
  • Specialist / Team Leader (Senior)
  • Staff / Assistant 

In addition to this professional title system, there is also a management title system including the titles of Head of Department, Deputy Head of Department in each department. "  

15. What is the requirement for English used at workplace?

At Crowe Vietnam, English is preferred in many cases, specifically as follows:

  • Exchange professional work via email (or other tools) with partners, foreign experts or customers who are FDI enterprises;
  • Read and understand documents and records of a large number of customers who are FDI enterprises;
  • Read and understand internal professional documents (processes, forms, working papers, etc.);
  • Presentation of working papers
  • Participate in training programs organized by member companies in Crowe Global network from many countries;
  • Read and understand the Company's internal notices
  • Requirements for foreign language skills will increase gradually with each professional level. Therefore, Crowe Vietnam’s employees working are required to regularly enhance and improve this skill.

16. Within the benefits and welfares offered by the Company, there is a mention on "flexible workspace", so how is this policy applied and what benefits does it bring to the Company and Employees?

The "flexible workspace" policy at Crowe Vietnam allows Employees to work without presenting at the office. This policy is being applied widely in the Auditing and Consulting Departments in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang and is partially applied in the Hanoi office.

With a vision of this policy’s benefit, Company proactively bring this policy to employees as early as July 2019, before the "remote working" form could be popularized in Vietnam due to the epidemic’s impact. To implement this policy, the Company has invested and applied many technology applications so that the Employees and Management levels can work and interact remotely effectively.

When being applied, this policy has shown the following benefits:

(1) For employees:

  • Reduce the employees’ travelling time to focus on working. It is estimated that on average, each person takes 90 minutes/day to travel from home to office and vice versa because of distance and traffic jams. It will take a total 150 minutes / day including the preparing time to go to work (clothes, makeup) and the time to rest after finishing works.
  • Enhance the health (reducing tiredness and stress from traveling on the road and bad weather), reduce the risk of traffic accidents.
  • Create more opportunities for Employees to choose a workspace that is more suitable for them, thereby increasing work efficiency and creativity.
  • Reduce employees’ pressure/stress (for the employees with introverted personality) when there are no more "passive" conversations that introverted employees often want to reduce to focus on thinking and working. Introverted employees will often be distracted, lose energy and work spirit because of such "passive" conversations. In addition, this also reduces the unnecessary communication conflicts level between introverts and extroverts in the Company, so that the working atmosphere is less stressful.   
  • Build employees’ trust with no longer feel strictly control, so they feel that they must grow up to respond to that trust.
  • Facilitate employees to arrange company work and personal work in a more harmonious and balanced way, instead of a stressful situation when making decision between work and personal affairs. Accordingly, the working spirit will be better and more focused.
  • Change employees’ thinking in focusing on actual performance, instead of focusing on form. Therefore, they will work more effectively, their income and career will gradually get better and more sustainable. This is because the Company's management will change towards focusing on quality and volume of work, instead of criteria of time and workplace.

(2) For Company

  • Better performance and service service quality, faster response/processing because employees have better working capacity when employees get more benefits as described above.
  • Save office expenses by reducing the number of employees present at the office
  • Reduce time and effort for human resource management with the increase in employees' self-consciousness. Reduce the procedures for employees’ permission and management levels’ approval to spend more time on work, thus bringing higher productivity.   

(3) For society

  • Save time and fuel costs due to traveling, health expenses

17. How are affairs / internal procedures handled at Crowe Vietnam?

At Crowe Vietnam, most of the work/ internal procedures have been documented into specific policies and procedures and clearly presented in the Internal Regulations Document. Accordingly, it is easy for all Employees to find, read and comply.

In addition, the Company is constantly reviewing and optimizing these policies and procedures to be most convenient for both Employees and Managers. Most of these works / procedures have been handled by management software.