People and computer

Leveraging Big Data for Better Insights 

Lee Kok Wai (Partner, Audit) 
People and computer

Hisham goes to his favourite gadget store to buy a smartphone. The cashier rings up his purchase and keys in Hisham’s loyalty card. The data from the purchase, the phone model, Hisham’s name, gender and race, are all captured into the store’s system. Across the city at an automobile workshop, Frank keys in his parts order from a supplier. The supplier’s system captures the order and tags it as a frequently repeated order, and this data is sent to the parts manufacturer.

With the rise of modern data systems, everything we do on a daily basis, from buying a newspaper at the local 7-Eleven to browsing the latest music release on iTunes or the number of times we call our IT department at work can be captured and stored in a database somewhere. Continue Reading >>>


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