Tax Due Diligence

Service Description

In this service, we will perform special tax-review procedures on the Target aimed by the client for M&A transaction. Our report will help the client to have a comprehensive understanding of Target's tax risk for their consideration of proper decisions.

Accordingly, our detailed works are as follow:

  • Discuss with the client in detail to clearly understand their specific requirements regarding the Target.
  • Implement the special tax review procedures on the Target' tax filings as discussed and agreed with the client. Accordingly, the procedures applied may include: check all the related tax filings, trace and review supporting documents, interview the related personnel to check the business nature of transactions, analyze and reconcile accounting and tax data, identify and assess potential tax risks…
  • After finishing all procedures, we prepare and send the tax due diligence report to the client. Our report will present all the implemented procedures, findings, and estimation of the potential tax risk of the Target.
  • We will, then, provide comprehensive explanation for any questions from the client about the report

Clients consider using this service in the following cases:

  • The client wishes to have a clear picture of the tax status of the Target and quantify the potential tax risk if any.
  • The client does not have adequate resources to perform the tax due diligence on the Target by themselves; therefore, they need support from a service provider.
  • The client wants to have an independent tax due diligence report from a reputable service provider to submit to the client's investors.

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