Tax-Investigation Support

Service Description

With this service, our tax experts will support the client in providing prompt and effective responses to tax authorities in a tax inspection/ investigation.

Accordingly, our detailed works are as follow:

  • Explain and advise the clients about investigation procedures and steps and help the client to make necessary preparation in advance to ensure the tax investigation smoothly conducted.
  • Advise the client about questions/requirements/ decisions from tax authorities regarding the tax investigation
  • Review all documents and data which are prepared to provide for tax authorities to minimize unnecessary mistakes or issues.
  • Study to provide the client effective advice regarding how to provide a proper response to tax authorities in a tax investigation/inspection to not only ensure compliance with tax laws but also effectively protect the client's business benefits and tax rights.
  • When required, we will support the client to prepare official letters to tax authorities to explain and protect the client's opinion in applying tax laws.
  • We will always be with the client in every step of tax investigation to promptly advise the clients necessary responses
  • When the tax authority issues the tax investigation minutes, we will analyze it, and if any unreasonable points, we will advise the client on how to respond to the tax authority to protect their tax benefits effectively.
  • Then, we will work with the client (or with the tax authority on behalf of the client if required) to make the tax-investigation minutes finalized and signed by both the client and the tax authority.
  • Finally, we will advise the client whom to make payment for the additional tax amount, if any, after the tax investigation, and also advise how to improve tax findings in the next periods and how to make adjustments, if any, for the tax filings of related years.

Clients consider using this service in the following cases:

  • The client wants to be well prepared for the tax investigation to minimize their tax risks
  • The client does not totally understand procedures of a tax investigation or does not have experience of tax investigation and therefore want to have prompt support and advice during the tax investigation.
  • The client does not have personnel with proper tax knowledge to deal with tax authorities; therefore, it may result in misunderstandings or disadvantages to the client.

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