Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) about doing business in Vietnam 

  1. Difficulties and challenges faced by foreign investors in Vietnam?
  2. Essential service providers for enterprises in Vietnam: How to find them?
  3. How to check whether the industry of an investment project is on the list approved for foreign investment? What are licensing procedures and How long does it take?
  4. Provisions on the capital ratio of foreign investors when investing in Vietnam
  5. What are the forms of investment and business in Vietnam? How to process for each form?
  6. Forms of capital contribution of foreign investors to Vietnamese companies
  7. Foreign investors contribute capital, buy shares of companies in Vietnam?
  8. How to check if an investment project is eligible for investment incentives? If so, what are the incentives?
  9. Regulations on the deadline for full investment capital contribution on the Investment Registration Certificate and the Procedures for extending the full investment capital contribution period?
  10. In what forms can the capital contribution be made ? Time frame for capital contribution?
  11. What are the procedures to establish a foreign-invested factory in Vietnam?
  12. Can a foreign investor handle the procedures for applying for an investment license and establishing an enterprise by himself? Should a service provider be hired?
  13. Can a foreign investor use the address of the oversea Corporation as the address of the legal representative of a company established in Vietnam in the application file for investment certificate?
  14. What are the conditions and procedures for transferring profits from Vietnam to foreign countries?
  15. Can a foreign investor transfer ownership of the company? Will it affect the company's investment incentives? 
  16. Regulations on Real Estate in Vietnam for foreign individuals and organizations
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