Other Services

Customized solutions to meet all your business needs.
Crowe Malaysia PLT as part of a huge international network with a long-established presence in Malaysia let us deliver the best possible value in a "glocal" (global yet local) environment.
Inbound Investment Structures
Start right with the necessary steps and procedures involved to bring your new company through its infancy stage. Let us help you in deciding on the ideal business structure and approach that would meet your objectives. 
On-going Outsourced Business Services

We can guide your organisation through the complicated mire of regulatory compliance and accountability:

  • Compliance Advisory – business regulations, licensing requirements, exchange controls, immigration requirements, audits, employment laws, banking and political environment, etc.
  • Taxation Advisory – taxation requirements, available tax incentives, tax planning for expatriate employees
  • Human Resource – applications for work permits for expatriate employees and dependent passes for their family members, handle payroll functions including registering employees with the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), Social Security (SOCSO) and the Inland Revenue Board (IRB)
Application to Government Authorities
  • Applications to Bank Negara (the Central Bank of Malaysia) for exchange control approvals (if necessary);
  • Applications to the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) in the case of manufacturing companies for equity conditions, manufacturing licence, exemptions from import duties and tax incentives;
  • Applications to the Foreign Investment Committee in the case of non-manufacturing companies for equity conditions;
  • Applications to the Multimedia Development Corporation for MSC (Multimedia Super-Corridor) status and tax incentives for IT companies;
  • Applications to the Committee on Distributive Trades (CDT) in the case of distributive trades for equity conditions;
  • Applications for sales or service tax licences.

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