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Technical Skills Programmes

Our programmes offer an immersive learning experience facilitated by the Subject Matter Experts with extensive knowledge and experience. You will delve into the latest trends and learn best practices from renowned professionals in the field. Through a combination of interactive workshops, real-world case studies, and practical simulations, you will develop a solid foundation in tax regulations, corporate governance, financial analysis, and strategic planning, enabling you to make informed decisions and deliver exceptional results for your clients or organization.

Here's what sets our Technical Skills Programmes apart:

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our meticulously crafted curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including tax planning, compliance, financial analysis, risk assessment, and more. You'll gain a holistic understanding of the intricate relationship between tax strategy and corporate decision-making, equipping you to provide strategic guidance and optimize financial outcomes.

Practical Application: We believe in learning by doing. Our programme places a strong emphasis on practical application, enabling you to hone your skills through interactive exercises, group discussions, and real-world case studies. You'll gain hands-on experience in navigating complex tax scenarios, conducting due diligence, and developing strategic recommendations.

Industry Insights: Our L&D division comprises industry experts and seasoned practitioners who possess a wealth of practical knowledge. They'll share their insights and real-life experiences, providing you with a unique perspective on the latest industry trends and best practices. 

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Our Popular Courses

  1. Key Advantages for Becoming an SME From Tax Perspective
  2. Capitalising on Incentives and Government Grants
  3. Latest Updates on Transfer Pricing (TP) in Malaysia
  4. Defending a Transfer Pricing (TP) Audit
  5. Implementation of Pillar 2 in 2024 – GloBE Rules in Malaysia
  6. 2023 Budget Announcements Affecting Employers and Employees
  7. Tax Awareness for Individuals – 2023 Form e-BE Submission via e-Filing
  8. Tax Implication for Professional Visit Pass (“PVP”) Holders
  9. Tax Awareness for Employer: Common Mistakes Made by The Employer May Lead to Employer’s Tax Audit
  10. Latest Tax/ Immigration Updates Affecting Employers
  11. Special Study: Capital Allowances and Reinvestment Allowances
  12. Major Tax Consideration to Watch Out for in 2023

Our Trainers

Meet our experienced and professional speakers in Crowe Malaysia.
Crowe Malaysia Sim Aik Chiam
Siew Peng Lai
People Skills Trainer
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Vicky Ramachandran
People Skills Trainer
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Foo Meng Huei
Meng Huei Foo
Head of Tax
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Shalina Jaafar
Location: Kuala Lumpur

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