Creating Seamless IPO Process from The Edge MArket

Creating a seamless IPO process

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Creating Seamless IPO Process from The Edge MArket
Lee Kok Wai, Head of Audit at Crowe Malaysia PLT, opines that the enhanced IPO framework will encourage more companies to list on Bursa, “especially with the mandatory pre-consultation, which in our view is a positive step in encouraging new IPO candidates, since this process will offer greater clarity to companies on their suitability for listing”.

“In the bigger picture, this will lead to greater efficiency in the IPO process, and hopefully attract companies that are of better quality, which can derive more value for investors,” he says.

“With this enhanced framework, we hope to be on a par with other capital markets, particularly in this environment where we are competing for capital, and to attract [our companies] to list locally rather than overseas.”

Meanwhile, the SC is also looking into reforming the regulatory framework for the ACE Market. Discussions are currently being held on the potential migration of the entire ACE Market framework, including the registration of prospectus, to Bursa in the first half of 2021.

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Kok Wai Lee
Kok Wai Lee
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