MACC’s Section 17A:

How This New Anti-Corruption Amendment Affects You

Lee Kok Wai (Partner, Audit)
What is Section 17A?

Section 17A is a new addition to the MACC Act introduced in May 2018. In essence, it extends the Act to cover corruption offences conducted by commercial organisations.

Where previously only individual employees or directors could be prosecuted for bribery, this new Act allows the entire company to be prosecuted.

Section 17A states that a commercial organisation is liable if any person associated with the organisation corruptly gives, agrees to give, promises or offers to any person any gratification with the intent to obtain or retain business.

Corporate Corruption Scandals in the World

Corruption is endemic to many companies all over the world. It’s not that different here in Malaysia. Corruption, if left unchecked, can become part of an organisation’s culture.  Continue reading...

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