Fraud Investigation and Forensic Service

Fraud Investigation and Forensic Service

Purposes and deliveries of this service:

With this service, we will implement necessary and professional procedures, basing on unusual signals provided by the client, to detect or verify whether there are frauds occurring in the client’s organization or not.

Deliveries of this service may include:

  • Issuing reports presenting our conclusion of frauds after implementing all necessary procedures.
  • Recommendations to help the client improve their abilities in preventing and detecting frauds.

Our senior expert teams will help the clients to solve their matters effectively and efficiently.

Note: Our service is only applied for frauds that are related to accounting and financial data/ reports / system.

Clients of this service are any companies that have issues regarding frauds and look for advice and support from professional advisers.

The service is delivered with the following steps:

  • Kick-off meeting: We discuss with the client to clearly understand the client’s specific demands and requirements, and then provide full explanation to the client about our approach and processes. We agree with the client about the objectives, scope of services, timing schedules, cooperation mechanism, lists of documents to be provided, significant procedures that need attention, … This step can be done through direct meetings or emails.
  • Fieldwork (at clients’ offices): After studying the data and documents provided by the client, our experts will carry out necessary procedures, including: reconciling the data and documents, expertising documents, interviewing, checking information system, sending confirmation letter, consulting with the industry experts,….
  • Prepare reports: We will prepare the reports as agreed with the client and then send them to the client for review and comment. Meetings will be followed to explain further about the reports.
  • Advise the client : How to solve the detected frauds? How to improve the internal control system to minimize the risks of frauds in the future.

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