Valuation Advisory

Valuation Advisory

With this service, we can help to advise and support the clients in valuating their businesses, assets, goodwill, and securities for many purposes. Accordingly, our detailed works are as follow:

  • Analyze and identify the most suitable valuation models and methodologies for the valuation object.
  • Determine and assess the parameters for the selected models basing on reliable sources of data and information, Ex: expenses, revenues, growth rates, discount rates, years of operation,…
  • For each scenarios identified, calculate the according valuation results.
  • Prepare valuation advisory reports.

Clients use this service in the following cases:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions : both buyers and seller may use this service to estimate the most reasonable prices to negotiate with their partners.
  • Financial reporting: the implementation of new reporting standards may in some cases necessitate the valuation of intangible assets as well as dictate the amount of goodwill recorded in a company’s financial statements. This impacts the financial result of companies, especially those that are active in merger and acquisition activities which may have to recognise large amounts of goodwill in their financial statements. We provide valuation support services to assist our clients in determining the value of intangible assets as well as deriving a fair value of the financial assets and liabilities
  • Dispute, arbitration & litigation: In the event of a dispute, an independent valuation may help resolve issues swiftly. We provides credible and defensible expert valuation opinion and reports to support our clients’ viewpoints and positions in disputes, arbitration and litigation proceedings. We also provide expert witness and valuation for litigation support.
  • Taxation: Your business may consider tax planning/structuring from time to time and may require valuation analysis for submission to the tax authorities. We can help you prepare a defensible and commercially practical valuation analysis to support your tax submission requirements. We also assist with intellectual property valuation for tax incentive purposes.

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