Financial Management Advisory

Financial Management Advisory

With this service, we can help to advise and support the clients in managing their corporate finance. Accordingly, we will conduct the following activities, upon the clients’ requests:

  • Periodically analyse the clients’ financial statements to identify matters for attention (Ex: unusual changes, signals of potential risks, areas for further growth,…) and timely suggest the proper solutions. Financial statements can help to tell many things about the accounting systems, financial risks, business results, corporate management.
  • Review the clients’ accounting and finance policies and the related internal control procedures to find out how to save more costs and enhance the business efficiency.
  • Advise the client to renovate the financial management function (Ex: objectives, organizational structure, functions, responsibilities, reporting mechanism) to best match with the client’s management structure, business model, and strategy development.
  • Provide independent opinions on specific issues asked by the client.

We strongly believe that our senior advisory teams, with their profound knowledge and experience, will help the clients to complete all the above steps nicely.

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