Not required to use e-invoices from November 1, 2020

Not required to use e-invoices from November 1, 2020

Not required to use e-invoices from November 1, 2020
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On October 19, 2020, the Government issued Decree 123/2020/NĐ-CP regulating invoices and documents, including the following notable contents:

Article 59, information on the application period of e-invoices is summarized as follows:

  • Enterprises, economic organizations, other organizations, business households and individuals are not required to complete the implementation of e-invoices and e-invoices have the tax authority's code from 1 November 2020;
  • Decree 51/2010/NĐ-CP dated 14 May 2010, Decree 04/2014/NĐ-CP dated 17 January 2014 and Decree 119/2018/NĐ-CP dated 12 September 2018 continue effective until 30 June 2022.

In addition, Article 60 also provides some information for handle invoice contents as follows:

  • Enterprises and economic organizations that have announced the issuance of pre-printed invoices, self-printed invoices, electronic invoices without the tax authority's code or have registered to use e-invoices with codes of tax agencies before 19 October 2020, they will be used until the end of 30 June 2022.
  • If the business establishment has not met the information technology infrastructure and continues to use invoices in the above forms, the business must send invoice data to the tax authority according to Form No. 03/DL-HĐĐT Appendix IA issued with this Decree with the submission of VAT declarations.