Detailed works of payroll department in an enterprise

No Steps Involved by ? Description Estimated Timing Related documents
1 Record relevant data for payroll Relevant departments - Record working time of each employee (including official working time, overtime, paid leave, unpaid leave)
- Record information about subsidies and bonuses for each employee
+ 01 day at the end of the pay period
Timesheet, overtime monitoring sheet, leave tracking sheet, allowance and bonus track sheet
2 Collect and reconcile data Human resouces department - Collect and reconcile the payroll data from related departments 1 day Summary sheet of information for payroll purposes
3 Prepare payroll sheet, Tax and Insurance Declaration Payroll Accountant Based on the confirmed data received from the HR department and the related regulations, payroll accountants calculate the net salary payable to each employee, and other payables such as PIT, insurances. 1 day Payroll sheet
4 Review and approve Chief Accountant, Director Check and approve the payroll sheet prepared by the payroll accountant. 0.5 day Payroll sheet approved
5 Prepare payment requests Payroll Accountant Prepare payment requests for approval 0.25 day Payment requests
6 Salary payment Cashier / Payment Accountant Upon receving the approved payment requestsed, proceed the payments for employees, tax authority, insurance agents 0.25 day Bank statement/ payment slips
8 Send payroll slips, record in the accounting system Salary Accounting, Payment Accountant / Cashier Send payroll slips to employees and record the payroll transactions in the accounting system 0.25 day Payroll slips